Ever wonder why your life is the way it is?

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Do you ever wonder why your life is the way that it is, or why you keep dating the same kind of person or repeat the same lessons? Do you want to know how you can follow your dreams and live out your inspired passions? Ever ask, why are some people vulnerable to failure and depression, while others are inclined to success and joy? Are you someone who thinks deeply and ponders universal questions, like why time only moves forward, or why is the universe expanding and not stagnating or shrinking? Do you want to know how to expand your resources, opportunities, and experiences? Have you ever Googled the phrase: “How to be happy?” (You’re not alone!) Are you questioning the big plan and what is meant to be for your life?

Here’s a hint: Nothing is “meant to be” that you do not believe and live. And, what you believe and live has everything to do with contagious energy.

This book, The Magic Of Viral Energy, is a guide to supernatural happiness and it’s what’s next in self-help and the metaphysical quest! It’s full of entertaining and enlightening short true stories that exemplify how energy—the stuff that creates—is contagious and at work all around you.

The Magic Of Viral Energy is the magic beyond magnetism and it gives you the tools to create a life of providence and ultimate fulfillment!

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