The Magic of Viral Energy

Are you longing to pursue your dreams, find “your person,” or be successful at your passions?

The Magic of Viral Energy is your answer and it will give you simple but powerful solutions to everyday problems!

The Magic of Viral Energy is an ancient key to happiness, empowerment, and purpose. Today, Penelope Jean Hayes is a television and radio personality; however, before she figured life out she was a runaway at fifteen, the victim of domestic violence in her twenties, and ultimately chose to stay in a hospital psychiatric ward for three weeks to recover from post-traumatic stress and years of functional depression. After she was committed, she vowed to discover all that she could about the mind, body, and spirit.

The Magic of Viral Energy is eye-opening, exciting, and makes day-to-day life easier. Penelope explains that individuals draw from, contribute to, and create with all of Life through the sharing of energy, and can do so consciously, intentionally, and osmotically. She offers a fun and compelling narrative that deeply resonates with individuals as they search for greater meaning and purpose. Though plenty of people read about the law of attraction and visualization, many still can’t attain their highest goals and dreams. What they need is the rest of the formula and it’s more than attractive—it’s osmotic and viral.


“A welcome guidebook for your own passage through the bewilderment we all meet up with in finding what truly makes you happy.”

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, cast of The Secret film




Is this book for you?

You are in the right place if you are: The inquiring and adaptive Generation Xer, even the simpatico and searching Millennial, women ages 29 to 50, anyone searching for relationship guidance, and people of all age and gender searching for purpose and meaning.

This message is for seekers—those intrepids who want to squeeze the lemons of life and discover their full potential. It’s for people who are socially aware, lovers of quantum theory and spirituality, science buffs with inquiring minds, and seekers of universal questions. It’s also for those who enjoy a good short story and want to be deeply inspired by something new.


So, what are the proprieties of “viral energy”?

Viral energy:

  • Is a natural phenomenon
  • Is contagious
  • Works like reproduction—it’s new creation, not redistribution. It has the power to create more—picking it up from a source does not mean that the source has been altered or lessened
  • Is happening whether you’re conscious of it or not
  • Is an energy source that you create with
  • Comes in different strata, or levels, from heavy to light
  • Contributes to the quality of your being
  • Operates by possibilities not absolutes
  • Is spontaneous
  • Is an exponential expander

The phenomenon of viral energy happens not by the law of attraction, but by way of osmosis. Yes, osmosis! You are drawing from, contributing to, and creating with all of Life through the sharing of energy, and you do so consciously, intentionally, and osmotically. The Magic of Viral Energy is the magic beyond karmic magnetism, and it gives you the tools to create a life of providence and ultimate fulfillment.



“Life is often a mysterious journey and author Penelope Jean Hayes has offered her personal recollection of the many interesting revelations she encountered along her pathway towards wisdom and enlightenment. You will find this a welcome guidebook for your own passage through the bewilderment we all meet up with in finding what truly makes you happy.” —Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, bestselling author, winner of the National Book Award in Science, and cast member of The Secret film

“We know that there is a home team advantage in sporting events. We know that we get good vibes or bad when walking into a meeting or even at a party. However, until now, no author has focused on the magic of viral energy as a technique for improving the quality of everyday life. It’s not the next The Secret, rather, The Magic of Viral Energy is what’s next.” —Bill Gladstone, best-selling author of The Twelve and The Power of Twelve, co-author with Jack Canfield of The Golden Motorcycle Gang, and famed literary agent who personally represents mega-bestselling authors such as spiritual teachers Dr. Barbara DeAngelis, Neale Donald Walsch, and Eckhart Tolle

“Penelope Jean Hayes shows us the way. With humor, happiness, and whole-hearted smarts, Penelope clarifies the path to true fulfillment. Her work—and this M.O.V.E.ment—is for everyone who craves helpful and kind guidance to “get out of your head” and plug into your greatest potential. Brava!” —Jeffrey Marsh, author of How To Be You; speaker; Ambassador and Red Carpet Correspondent for GLSEN; called “A Master of Video” by O Magazine, the Oprah Winfrey magazine

“From one strong motivational public speaker to another, I find Penelope’s inspirational message to be contagious! Her viral energy message is powerful, timely for our society today, and necessary! She offers something new in personal growth and she has a voice of wisdom and confidence that moves people.” —Mandy Gill, Health and Fitness Cover Model, Reebok Super-Athlete, and International Speaker






PUBLISHER: Morgan James Publishing