There’s a reason why you’re here

It was in 2002, at 29, that I consciously began searching for true happiness and the meaning of my life. Though still, up until my early thirties, I was painfully unfulfilled: shoehorned into a career that I was suited for, but didn’t suit me. Then finally in 2007, I took a leap into the abyss of the unknown—teetering between gumption and irresponsibility—and taking only my car, clothes, and my cat, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee from Canada. I often say that I found happiness on my journey to purpose. Yet it was more than that; I found a hidden code to life—it’s the magic of viral energy and by understanding and utilizing it my spirit has moved from emptiness and loss to true and lasting joy. Now, I’m sharing with you the magic and everything that I’ve discovered.

In reading my upcoming book, The Magic of Viral Energy, you can embark on your own journey to purpose, true love, and joy. As you begin, it’s important to understand that “viral energy” is not the law of attraction, which is like-energy-vibration attracts to it like-energy-vibration, just as radio waves from a transmitter are picked up by a receiver tuned in to the same frequency. While the law of attraction is always a factor, there is another energetic power at play, and it’s rather different. It’s viral energy. Virality is inherent to energy in social interaction and the environment around you. Viral energy is working, right now, to co-create your circumstances, experiences, relationships, health, wealth, and happiness. In order for any of us to reach our true destiny, we have to start thinking differently.

In my second title, Do Unto Earth, you will experience the next revelation, from domestic to global concerns, offered to you through the viral energy message.

You are in the right place if you are: the inquiring and adaptive Generation Xer, the simpatico and searching Millennial, women ages 30 to 55, anyone searching for their soulmate or for relationship guidance, those interested in cosmology/the nature of God/the creation of the universe, people dissatisfied with their jobs, those who need assistance with decision-making, people lacking direction and a clear purpose, those who feel disempowered in their life, anyone suffering from unhappiness, those who want to supercharge their happiness, and people searching for inspiration and meaning.

My message is for seekers—those intrepids who want to squeeze the lemons of life and discover their full potential. It’s for people of all ages and genders who are socially aware, lovers of quantum theory and spirituality, science buffs with inquiring minds, animal lovers, environmentalists, compassion advocates, and seekers of universal questions. It’s also for those who enjoy a good short story and want to be deeply inspired by something new.

There is a knowing inside you, it’s an ancient truth as old as time, and I hope that it jolts you wide-awake.


Penelope Jean Hayes