Hire Penelope to speak to your group. Learn about “viral energy” in your home and workplace—and how it affects your earning potential, health, and companionability!

Stress, worry, and “heavy” environments all have energetic impacts. Learn about “viral energy” in your home and workplace (even in the news)—and how it affects your happiness, earning potential, health, companionability, and more..

“Penelope Jean Hayes shows us the way. With humor, happiness, and whole-hearted smarts, Penelope clarifies the path to true fulfillment.”

—Jeffrey Marsh, author of How To Be You


In sharing her message, author and metaphysics teacher Penelope Jean Hayes says that as you journey towards your dreams and goals, the first thing to know is that all energy is viral energy. That’s just how energy behaves—it moves, flows, is shared, and can be picked up from an outside source.

When the workplace is bogged down with heavy energy it’s catchy and palpable to employees and customers.

What’s a Viralenologist?

viralenologist (noun) vahy·ruh·en·ol·uh·jist | \ vī-ˈräl-en-o-lə-jē \

1. one who studies viral energy in social interaction, interpersonal communication, and for the betterment of individual relationships and personal development

2. a scientist or intuitive who studies Viralenology in environments and as the causation of large planetary pockets or masses of enlightened or heavy/dense energy

3. one who studies Viralenology for renewable energy sources, future modes of travel, new technology, and communication

4. a channeler who accesses higher-stream-consciousness (a.k.a. Universal Intelligence) by way of the viral and osmotic nature of energy in order to learn from and share the wisdom-of-the-ages

What’s Viralenology?

viralenology (noun) vahy·ruh·en·ol·uh·jee | \ vī-ˈräl-en-o-lə-jē \

  1. a branch of science that merges traditional science with metaphysics to research interpersonal relationships, environmental solutions, future technologies including fuel sources and travel modes, thought power, and intuitive communication
  2. a theory or philosophy describing the contagious nature of vibrational-creation-energy in social interactions, physical environments, and through intention and thought

How can Penelope help you?

How energy works should matter to you because energy is the fuel that you create your life and dreams with!

Viral energy is about what you surround yourself with. It’s about your environments and the people you spend time with. It’s about the culture of your workplace and whether it’s congruent with your personal culture. It’s about your relationships and whether those are on-level with what you truly want to experience and be.

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As the world’s first viralenologist, Penelope speaks globally about intentions, thoughts, and actions and the energetic impacts of these on our personal and interpersonal relationships and planetary wellness.

Keynote topics include—

The 4 (Energetic) Keys To Fulfillment

What’s keeping you stuck? How can understanding viral energy help you?

If you want to have better relationships, greater earning potential, and live a more fulfilled life, here’s 4 things for you to be mindful of:

  • What you are taking in (From this energetic place can you fulfill your dreams and goals?)
  • What you are giving off
  • What you have access to (and therefore, what you create with)
  • What you are being (a.k.a. the actions you take)
Hint: While the law of attraction is a factor, the transfer of energy vibration is more accurately described as working by way of osmosis—a process by which molecules pass through a semipermeable membrane, equalizing the concentrations on each side. Guess what? Your energy field is holey!

Told through short (and fun) stories, author and viralenologist Penelope Jean Hayes will disseminate these four keys and show how you can utilize this knowledge for your happiness and success.

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Train Your Thoughts For Success

What you think overrides what you believe. You can vision-board yourself silly and imagine yourself achieving the goal until you’re blue in the face—however, those tools are ineffective without thoughts that support the goal.

Every thought is a request to create something. Turn your wild thoughts of fear and self-doubt into thoughts that create what you really want!

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