The Mystery Of Why Pendulums Swing Together

What if all of life worked on a pulse of sorts, and everything harmonized within a system of shared energy? We know for sure that all things hold energy: people, also animals and vegetation, the Earth itself.

Physicists say that a transfer of energy through a sound pulse causes pendulum clocks to synchronize. And yet, it’s more than just clocks. For instance, heart cells sync up to create your heartbeat. For that matter, your heart can sync up with a loved one’s. Studies show that romantic couples who are in sync will also have heart beats and breathing that are in sync. The topic of women’s menstrual cycles in synchronicity has been well documented.

It’s not magic; it’s nature.

Energy is transferable. It’s contagious. Positive energy is transferable and negative energy is transferable. Just as pendulums swing by way of vibration, good vibes, bad moods, chronic sadness and lasting joy are all energy forms that have a vibration, and are all contagious through the energy around you.





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