You’re An Emotion Mime: You Mimic Facial Expressions

Have you ever noticed face mirroring, or mimicking?

When you’re watching TV, do you sometimes catch yourself having the very same expression as the character that you’re watching?

Emotions are catchy because we have permeable energy fields, and emotions are a form of energy.

The advertising world knows this and they use this knowledge on you every day in the media all around you from billboards to commercials.

When you see someone smiling a big beautiful open smile, it makes you smile too. Just by watching someone else’s emotion, happy or sad or any feeling in between, you can take on the emotion.

And you have that same effect on others who observe you. Why not make others experience a happy association when around you?

Having awareness of this phenomenon (and therefore self-awareness) can be useful. You can improve your influence and likability just by transferring positive emotions to those around you!


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