The Greatest Marvel The World Has Ever Known, Yet Rarely Notices

Most people rarely notice the marvel of contagious light, yet they have noticed truisms like ‘contagious joy’, as well as the marvel of positive or negative momentum building— ‘when it rains it pours’, ‘the snowball effect’, and the experience of being ‘on a roll.’

When I have something especially important going on, and it needs to go well, I filter out ‘bad energy’ (dark energy) and get around ‘good energy’ (light energy), like I’m sifting for gold, letting the sand fall away.

Light energy creates. (And dark energy creates.) From light energy you get light matter and light experience. Light energy creates more light energy. It’s catchy, and it’s expansive and expanding.

But what’s light energy, you ask? Well, it’s the good energy. It’s literally lighter and less dense than lower and darker vibrations of energy. Light energy is the creative force behind the manifestation of all that is good. You need light energy to create the good stuff, good experiences, and good feelings that you want.

So, where does light energy come from?

The light is inside you and always available to tap into. It is also the ‘stuff’ of all of creation. In fact, there is no thing that is not light. There is only Light, and the absence of Light. That being said, let’s focus for a minute on light energy, and why, if you want to create the life of your dreams, you’ll want to get round more of it!

You have felt excitement in the air, a peaceful atmosphere, or a light mood. This lightness ‘in the air’ was not from within you, and yet you felt it and experienced it’s glow.

Remember, light energy is—not only attracted to other light energy—it’s also catchy just be being around it, and, it’s both expansive and expanding. (Think here of a visual of the Universe expanding. We might never know where all of the ‘stuff’ is coming from, but we do know that it’s expanding.) More, and more, light energy is available for you to access and utilize for your benefit and the benefit of others.

Perhaps you have never thought of it this way, although it would be of tremendous benefit to you if you did: You are where you are, in part, due to contagious energy.

Do you want to know how to get more light energy in order to create all of the good stuff in your life?

Get around it.

Light energy creates light

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