The Hidden Treasure That Every Successful Person Knows About, But Won’t Tell You

When you say that you want to be successful in life, your career, as a parent, or in the love department, what you really want is to be happy. Success and happiness are synonymous.

I suspect that it would be a good bet to say that if you had achieved, or were on the road to pursuing, your true purpose in life, you’d probably be pretty darn happy.

So, are you ready for the secret to success? Do you want to know the entry key to happiness? Here it is…

Inspiration magnetizes the resources to fulfill the dream.

Here it is said another way. Inspired passions, inspired goals, inspired intentions—magnetize the resources to fulfill the dream, goal, intention. (The key is the word inspired.)

“I have to be excited (to invest in a product or idea),” says TV’s infamous ‘Shark’, Kevin O’Leary of ABC’s Shark Tank.

You could wander for forty years asking yourself the question, “How do I get what I want in life?” You will get no where and nothing (and no thing) with that question. Instead ask yourself, “What inspires me?” and “What gives me goose bumps?” Then, replace the question with the key—replace the word ‘what’ with the answer.

Inspiration is always an experience shared from a high source of Light energy. And, when your dream is divinely inspired (meaning sincere, selfless, and pure of heart) you attract the resources to you to fulfill your dream. Light energy wants nothing more than to re-member with itself.

Therefore, because a sincerely inspired dream will attract to itself the resources needed to fulfill itself, the hidden treasure that successful people know is this: Let true passion point the way and success and happiness will follow.

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