Little-Known Toxins In Your Environment (And How To Avoid Them)

The news is on in the background: four commentators are ranting and arguing and you’re getting edgy. Your social media page is laced with opinions and debates and political talk—the talk these days feels more like hate slinging. Your desk is a mess with piles of papers and it’s overwhelming and exhausting just looking at it.

Viral energy is all around you. The atmosphere can feel heavy with tension, anxiety and grief, because it is.

You might have picked it up while watching the women fight with each other on The Real Housewives; from the chaotic noise of horns blasting while stuck in traffic; from the frantic tone of a friend who’s having relationship trouble, and called to regurgitate the whole thing on you.

Saying “no” to negative viral energy, is saying “yes” to positive viral energy.

I have a friend, Melanie, who has always had, let’s say, a challenging relationship with her sister, Wendy. They recently had had a misunderstanding—well, Melanie says that Wendy started a big drama, and I have no idea how Wendy perceived it, as I’m not acquainted with her, anyhow—Melanie had chosen to squash the tension and thought that the subject was done. Until, that is, she got a text message from her sister, Wendy, asking if she had time to talk about it “today” by phone. But actually, Melanie didn’t have time that day, and more importantly, she couldn’t risk bringing any negativity into her day. It was a big day for Melanie and she was expecting good news! (Of course, that’s just the day that her contentious sister wants to talk about recent drama.) So, Melanie said “no”, she didn’t have time that day, but any other day she’d make the time. You have to understand what a big step this was for Melanie: She usually drops everything when one of her family members needs something or wants to talk. Finally on this day, she took the advice that I had been giving for years, about ‘viral energy’, and she deployed her ‘energy filters’ at the right time. Later that day Melanie got the phone call that she had been waiting for, the positive news that she had hoped was coming that day—and it did!

No matter how you infer the intentions of others and the ‘noise’ around you, and therefore how you experience viral energy—both the negative and the positive—simply by being mindful of these toxins all around you, you can make choices to limit your exposure and protect your good energy and your presence. As environmentalists, medical doctors, and scientists often say, “Dilution is the solution to pollution.”


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