When It Rains: Why A Bad Day Tends To Get Worse

How are you affected by the energy around you? And how is your presence affecting others?

Heavy energy creates heavy emotions and heavy experiences. The energy is heavy because it’s full of obstructions to your true nature, which is Light. Light energy creates light, and heavy energy creates heavy—it’s why a bad day tends to get worse.

Here’s an example: You watch the news over breakfast and begin to feel agitated; you snap at your spouse; then you miss your train; your boss is in a bad mood and everyone in the office is on edge; your debit card doesn’t work at lunch; you slip on a banana peel; when you get home you burn dinner…

Creation energy is viral; viral energy creates. It works the same for the good, the bad and the ugly.

So be careful not to resonate in a low emotion for too long: chronic exposure can drop your energy level (a.k.a. your presence) and therefore also drop the quality of what you create in your life and experiences.

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