Stuck In Jealousy And Judgment? Diminishing Them, Minimizes You

Jealousy or being judgmental of another only drains your light energy. If you complain and keep drama going, it only minimizes you.

When you gossip or talk badly about someone, even when others in the conversation are doing it too, your cohorts will think less of you and they will wonder if you talk badly about them too. Your wisdom-stock will drop, and you will be caught up in the fray.

So, why is it that we gossip, anyway? We do it for one of three reasons: To defer a finger pointed our way, and instead put the spotlight on another; or to gain attention by having something interesting to bring to conversations, because otherwise we feel powerless and insignificant; or out of jealousy, an attempt to minimize another.

Jealousy between women, to narrow in on the ladies for a moment, is the Achilles Heel of the female species. (Just think what women will create when we rise above jealousy!)

Blame, resentment, regret, anger, hatred, jealousy, judgement and all other low emotions and actions work this way. These are forms of outwarding projected negative viral energy. They are thick and sticky and they create low, giving you low emotions and experiences. Why? Because energy is viral—it’s contagious.

Negativity when outwardly projected minimizes you, not the other person. Wouldn’t you rather expand?

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