Perfectionism: The Perfect Lie

Are you feeling self-isolation thanks to your carefully crafted public image? Do you feel pressure from society to be perfect? Do the images of other people’s ‘perfect life’ sometimes make you feel like a loser in comparison? Do you find that many people only post the happy moments on Facebook or Instagram, giving an unrealistic or false image of life?

Perfectionism is INWARDLY projected viral energy.

To be a perfectionist is to want something frozen in time: non-flexible, non-changing and not departing from the ideal. You fear distortion, failure and messy debris in your life, so you want everything perfect.

Here’s an example: A ‘high-value’ event is coming up (Christmas, Valentine’s Day) and you’re building anxiety and expectation that you need this event to be uber-special. Everything is on it. This night has to be perfect, or else!

However, wishing and struggling against what is can cause blockages in your energy.

Perfectionism is operating in a falsehood. It’s the perfect lie.

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