What’s Blocking Your Wellbeing Might Surprise You

When I have something important coming up that I want to go well, I pay even more attention the the viral energy that allow in. In fact, ‘watch your viral energy’ has become a euphemism between my husband, Burt, and me when we want to remind each other to beware of time spent with a negative friend or family member.

Without energy life cannot survive for even a fraction of a second. And guess what, you’re made of energy. Without proper energy flow our body, mind and spirit are pinched off from natural wellbeing.

Ever notice that when you’re particularly drained or under stress that’s the time when you tend to catch a cold? Yep, your energy was compromised. But what happens when your energy flow has been pinched off for a chronic period of time? The affects of blocks to your wellbeing can be stress, some forms of depression and disease and more.

Becoming aware of the energy that you’re ‘marinating’ in is extremely important when you realize how it affects your health and mental and emotional wellbeing.


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