Are You In A New Torque State Of Mind?

British survival expert John Hudson is not only co-host and competitor for Discovery Channel’s reality survival game, Dude You’re Screwed—he’s the Chief Instructor at the UK Military Survival School where he trains England’s next generation of military survival instructors.

As a psychological advantage in a survival situation, Hudson often makes himself a strange brew of wilderness tea. He said this about the benefits of a psychological advantage, “It definitely goes back to psychology. One of the first things that you should try to do in a survival situation is something familiar. And if that’s got a net benefit to you, like having a warm drink, then that gets your mind on the right track. So, making a cup of tea is a really good thing to try to do. It’s like a fire, you get the warmth and the moral. I just feel like I’m much more in charge of the place.”

Sometimes life itself can feel like a survival situation. Yet, you don’t have to wait until you’re screwed before you draw on your mind’s advantages! No matter what the task at hand, why not have a tool box of your own psychological advantages?

Viral energy is conducted through the vibrational tone of consciousness—otherwise known as your state of mind—and thoughts and words; all of which create (good or bad) experiences and (good or bad) things.

If you’ve watched the film, What The Bleep Do We Know!?, or have read the bestselling book, The Secret, then you’ve heard this before: Thoughts are energy formations and they have the power to manifest into form. However, what you might not have heard is that thoughts create the TORQUE: The moment of force.

Are your thoughts causing interference to the quality of what you’re manifesting in your life, your experiences and happiness? Or, in the opposite matter of fact, are your thoughts the inspiration, momentum, power and force that drives purposeful impact and positive results?

So, how can you boost—in a positive ways (that is to say, advantage)—your thoughts, in order to advantage your experiences, success, and your life as a whole? Well, there’s a guy who knows a lot about that. As a matter of fact, he’s one of the world’s top experts today on ‘psychological advantage’, and he wrote a book on it from his unique perspective.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m pursuing my goals and dreams, I want and need to get my “mind on the right track” as Hudson says. I deploy my go-to psychological advantages when I’m writing, painting, working out, or dealing with a difficult time or situation. Here’s what gives me a mental boost: a cup of tea also works for me, plus inspiring music, lighting a candle, a quick reset meditation, and when attending an important meeting or event I will wear a favorite dress or shoes to feel empowered and comfortable in my own skin.

Advantages are not fix-alls; they are small ways to make a big difference in your moral and momentum, because you still have to do the work.

Change your mind and change your direction. Torque your mind and torque your success. Open your mind and open your world. Advantage your mind and advantage your life.

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