Energetic Heartburn: Viral Energy In Your Body

Physical blocks in your body and nervous system (a.k.a. subluxations) will block your access to good creation energy.

The cells of your body are constantly reproducing using what you provide in fuel and with all the ‘stuff’ in the energy field around you.

When you hold in low and negative viral energy it eats away at your insides and can literally make you sick. Physical subluxations can be caused by contamination in your environment (air pollution, water contamination, radiation); bio-chemical interference (pesticides in fruits and vegetables, steroids in meat, hormones in milk products); nervous system obstruction (vertebra out of alignment pinching on the nervous system); or viral energy picked up from your surroundings and in social interactions or from lingering emotional stress.

Visualize yourself scanning your body. See if you can identify blocks to your wellbeing.

Yet, what can you do to filter the type of energy you take in? Hint: Awareness goes a long, long way!

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