Energetic Heartburn: Viral Energy In Your Body

Physical blocks in your body and nervous system will block your access to good creation energy. “Subluxation” is a word most often used in the chiropractic field, yet I believe it’s an excellent noun to use for the product left in our bodies from negative viral energy, the block to our wellbeing.

So, we know that cells of your body are constantly reproducing using what you provide in fuel. But cell reproduction also utilizes all the ‘stuff’ in the energy field inside your body and around you.

When you hold in low and negative viral energy, it eats away at your insides and can literally make you sick. Physical subluxations can be caused by contamination in your environment such as air pollution, water contamination, radiation; or bio-chemical interference like pesticides in fruits and vegetables, steroids in meat, hormones in milk products; and nervous system obstruction as in vertebra out of alignment pinching on the nervous system; or viral energy picked up from your surroundings and in social interactions, or from lingering emotional stress. Whew, that’s a lot!

On this subject, I interviewed Dr. Bradley Nelson, bestselling author of The Emotion Code, and one of the world’s top experts on energy medicine. Here’s what he had to say:

“Emotional baggage is actually the emotional energy left behind in our bodies after traumatic emotional events that we experience: after a divorce, for example, after abuse as a child, or after a difficult work situation. Those emotions of anger, frustration, resentment, or anxiety—what happens is that the energy of those emotions can become trapped in the body. It’s critical to understand that the human body is nothing more than an extremely complex energy field of pure energy. When you’re feeling an intense emotion of frustration, for example, you’re feeling a specific frequency of energy. That’s a different frequency that sadness or depression. Every emotion has a frequency. When we are experiencing an intense emotion, that emotion can be overwhelming in some way to the body. What happens is that the energy stays behind in the body even after the event or emotion has passed. After that event is over, part of the emotion remains behind and these things that we refer to as trapped energy are actually balls of energy—balls of pure emotional frequency, typically the size of a baseball or cantaloupe and these can lodge anywhere in the body and when they do they cause two specific kinds of affects for us.

One thing that they do is these trapped emotions store it within the energy field of the body. Now because the body is nothing now than an energy field, that energy of the stores emotion has a physical effect because it can interfere with the acupuncture meridian flow, for example, it can interfere with the typical reactions taking place in those tissues. This is why we found that up to 90% of the pain that people experience is actually due to emotional baggage. It is very common for pain to disappear instantaneously when the underlying cause is revealed and removed.

The other affect that these trapped emotions create for us is emotional. I did a session on a man and we found and released an emotion that was causing him back pain. Later he contacted me and said, “You have to explain something to me, we found that trapped emotion and released it, my back pain went away but something else happened. For as long as I can remember I had a hair-trigger temper. I was always yelling at my wife and my kids. I was always on edge. I did not know what to do about it, I just thought that it was my nature. I thought that was who I was. But since you released that emotion of anger, I don’t feel that way anymore. I feel relaxed. What happened?” I explained to him that when you have a trapped emotion, the tissues are feeling that vibration—in other words your tissue is feeling that emotion—twenty-four seven days a week. And so when a situation arises, like for this guy, he would become angry much more easily and readily than he otherwise would have become. Literally part of his body was already feeling anger and was vibrating at that frequency all the time. This is what is so exciting about this work. It’s so easy and anyone can do it.”

You can read up on energy medicine; it’s fascinating. However, you can also be careful in the first place of the negative energy that you are around, and therefore what you’re picking up. You can purge negative energy from your body and your life.

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