Original Doubt: The Story Of Your Soul’s Eden

We are made in the image and likeness of the Creator. God Himself—whom I refer to as “Life” with a capital L—manifested into minuscule units (Bang!), vastly reduced energy fields operating within ever-connected energy fields. He is not only in us, more accurately, we are part of Him. We are part of Life.

Consider this: The intended translation of ‘Original Sin’ is Original Doubt: a lack of faith or the belief that you are separate from the source of Life.

Could it be that at the moment of your incarnation into this world, you forgot your oneness with the whole? Is it possible that to doubt that you are part of the whole is the very root of all ‘evil’ thoughts and actions? Would you really think and act the way that you sometimes do if you believed that you are one with God? (Doubt it!)

Darkness is just the absence of Light. But the Light is always there (omni-present or omni-presence). So, darkness is obstruction, heavy particles and interference in the way of the Light that is always there.

Being disconnected from Life will create heavy energy and ‘sinful’ actions (bi-products of fear and doubt): Doubt that we are part of the whole of Life results in energy blocks such as hatred, rage, resentment, judgment, jealousy, doubt and fear.

Imagine if our world leaders operated by this truth. Heck, imagine if our religious leaders did.

Wait for it—imagine if you moved past this barrier of separation and truly stepped into who you are as one with Life.

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