Are You Ready For Your Biggest Paradigm Shift, Ever?

Introducing the incredible ‘Energy Stratum’! (Drum roll, please.)

Think of it like a layer cake. Or layers of rock, one strata upon the next, like you might have seen in some archaeological dig on TV, displaying years of the Earth’s stories. Only these layers are of vibrational creation energy!

The lowest, thick and sluggish energy is at the very bottom. There is less of everything down there. This is where lack and powerlessness reside. This energy creates dark, less, and low.

The highly inspired, Light, and unobstructed energy is at the top. Up there is everything good that you want, and more of it. This is the limitless space where love, creation and bliss reside. This energy creates Light.

And in the middle are layer upon layer of energy ‘temperatures’ between the two opposite points.

The Energy Stratum

The Energy Stratum

The energy stratum is different than the emotion spectrum, which is a range of emotions from hatred to joy and every feeling in between. Emotions can be situational and come and go. Emotion does not make up your presence. Because unlike your presence, emotion can change instantly. Example: You were happy, then you hear some bad news and now you’re sad.

However, the emotions that you experience can also be a bi-products of chronic exposure to the creation energy that you most often surround yourself with and where your presence resides. Remember, Light energy creates, and low energy creates. For this reason, emotions are found inside the layers of the energy stratum—they are being created and they contribute to creation.

The energy that you are—your PRESENCE—is a product of where you resonate within an energy stratum/layer.

The level at which your energy lives and vibes is everything about your being—what you take in and give out and what you then experience. And, by the way, what the people around you might take on and experience due to your chronic ‘vibe’, Light or low.

Your presence has a precise tuning and is your creation energy. Your presence can be open to be negatively affected by outside energy; but, it doesn’t have to be.

It works like radio waves from a tuner to a receiver. Receivers can only pick up what they are set to, and dialed into. So think of this—you’re not only putting out a signal; you’re picking up all other energy on that very same channel. You are open to, in flow with, and experiencing ONLY other energy on that stratum level. (Hmmm, is that dream job and soul mate in your stratum, or do you want to work on moving up?!)

You can rise up to higher and happier layers of the Energy Stratum! You do this by gaining awareness of viral energy and being deliberate about what, and who, you surround yourself with.

After all, up there is where you want to be! That’s where all of the good things that you want are: true love; your paid fun; inspired passions; happiness; and pure creation energy!

You have the power. You’ve had it all along.

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