How Birds In A Flock Move Together: Many Members, One Body

Observe birds as they fly together in formation. They turn, dip and rise as one body. Just as though they were one organism, the entire flock moves at the very same instant with identical and instantaneous changes in their collective direction.

Let’s say they perform the great M.O.V.E.

Yet, how is this possible?

In short, animals see, hear, smell, touch and taste, but they also sense the frequency of energy vibration. Their energy is in alignment with one another. Animals of the same species share a spirit body and the energy bond between them is a communication system that operates as effortlessly as we breathe or blink.

Their bodies are in formation. Their energy is information.

But it’s not just animals or trees or nature. You, too, are connected to and move with a great network of energy, the network binding all of Life.

It’s the magnificent and ordinary and invisible and automatic magic of viral energy. And when you discover how to work with it for Life’s highest good—you will become the power to fulfill your dreams!


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