One Small Step Today, One Giant Leap Tomorrow

If you’re having a bad day, try this. Imagine a ladder and you’re standing on a lower rung. At the top is where you would rather be. It’s lighter up there and the view is better. But how can you pull yourself up to a better and higher place?

There’s really only one sure way: One rung of the ladder at a time.

Start with small things: book a massage, get some sun or go for a walk. You will open new energy and move up a little in your energy level. Then take action to get to the next rung: call a friend and make lunch plans, go buy a new book and start reading it, or stop by a pet rescue center and share your time with a loving dog or cat.

Better energy and better experiences are up there at that higher energy level (See M.O.V.E.: Your Guide To Supernatural Happiness — Chapter 5, Article 17: “Are You Ready For Your Biggest Paradigm Shift, Ever?”).

All the good things that you want are up there. So, take action to move upwards, even if it’s a small step. Then take another small step.

And be sure to plan ahead for your trigger days. For some people, the trigger is a holiday like New Year’s Eve or a birthday or a death anniversary of a loved one. Trigger dates and special dates hold memories, and they also hold energy. That energy has the power to create a good day or a bad day. Don’t wait until the day is here and it’s terrible.

Make plans in advance so that tomorrow you will already have a leap up. And just keep putting one foot in front of the other.


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