Your Correct Path Is The Path Of Light, Not The Path Of Confusion

The correct path is the path of light, not the path of confusion.

It’s worth repeating. Your correct path is the path of Light, not the path of confusion.

Confusion is heavy toxins in your relationships and in your environment: obstructions of mind, body and spirit blocking your way.

Look for your spirit’s signs and symptoms. Are you feeling a lack of joy or wellness? Do you suffer insomnia? Is everything going wrong?

These signs serve to identify confusion and a perspective that doesn’t serve your true nature. And so, look for signs and then follow them. Follow the light.

Yes, actually look for Light when making choices. (If it helps, think of Light as the opposite of confusion; and confusion as the opposite of Light.)

After all, your life circumstances are a product—a creation—of your choices. Starting this very minute you can begin creating the life of your dreams by making every choice deliberate.

As you actively create your present and future, in seemingly insignificant decisions and in critical decisions, every day and all day, remember these three words and you can’t go wrong: I choose Light.


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