Are You Ready For Your Biggest Paradigm Shift, Ever? (7 Viral Energy Strata)

Introducing—drum roll, please!—the incredible ‘7 Viral Energy Strata.’ In ascending order they are: Hell, Ignorance, Indifference, Wanting, Awareness, Creation, Heaven.

Think of it like a layer cake. Or layers of rock, one stratum upon the next, like you might have seen in some archaeological dig on TV, displaying years of the Earth’s stories. Only these layers are of contagious vibrational energy—the stuff that creates!

The lowest, thick and sluggish energy is at the very bottom. There is less of the good stuff down there. This is where guilt and illusion reside. This energy creates dark, less, and low. All of these low energy forms are obstructions to the light which is always available to you when you remove the obstructions.

The highly inspired, light, and unobstructed energy is at the top. Up there is everything good that you want, and more of it. This is the limitless space where love, enlightenment, and creation reside. This energy creates light.

And, in the middle are strata (plural of stratum) of energy between the two opposite points.

The strata are further divided into two awareness realms by a “curtain”—the separation line, literally and spiritually, between “Wanting” and “Awareness”. (When each soul crossed over this delineation threshold, it is the grandest moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution, and is collectively celebrated by all of Heaven.)

7 Viral Energy Strata

7 Viral Energy Strata

What’s presence?

Understanding the viral energy definition of ‘presence’ is imperative.

Your being’s energetic presence is not to be confused with your physical energy level, which is a result of your caloric intake and physical exertion.

Your presence has nothing to do with how much sleep you got, or didn’t get; it’s not affected by caffeine or alcohol; it’s not even about your personality, your humor, or your appearance or confidence; it has nothing to do with being outgoing or reserved; and it does not change with today’s good news or bad news. Also, ‘presence’ is not synonymous with ‘the present’, as in a moment in time.

Your presence is the energy quality of your being. Presence is a state of being. Your energetic presence is where you are being in the viral energy strata; how you vibe, what you give off, and the fuel for everything that you create.

You can change your presence, yet, it doesn’t change overnight or blow in the wind. Even if today you are in a bad mood, your presence can reside far higher and lighter than your day-to-day emotions. Or vice versa. However, chronic exposure to negativity or positivity does indeed affect your presence.

You (your energetic presence and what you are being) ascend or descend in your viral energy stratum by way of the magic of viral energy. Think of it like a marinade. Your energy field is permeable, and so you ‘soak’ in the energy around you. After some soaking you take on the flavor, temperature, and quality of that viral energy sauce.

Looking at the 7 viral energy strata, what did you recognize in yourself? What do you often experience? I’m going to suggest that it is most likely that you are on the cusp of two sequential strata, as you are either evolving (expanding), de-evolving (minimizing), or stagnating (turning off).

Pick two strata that best represent what you are experiencing, being, and getting from within and without. Write down your two current strata, date the note, file it away, and recheck where you are in six months.

What’s the difference between your viral energy stratum and your emotions?

The viral energy strata are different from the emotion spectrum, which is a range of emotions from hatred to joy and every feeling in between. Emotions can be situational and come and go. Emotion does not make up your presence. Because unlike your presence, emotion can change instantly. For instance, you were happy, then you hear some bad news and now you’re sad. Somedays I’m in a pissy mood, or something unpleasant has happened, but I don’t have to worry about it knocking my presence down; it takes more than that.

And yet, the emotions that you experience can be a bi-products of chronic exposure to the contagious creation energy that you most often surround yourself with. Remember, light energy creates, and low energy creates. For this reason, emotions are found inside your viral energy stratum; emotions are being created, and they contribute to creation.

What about your peeps?

Referring to the diagram, do you recognize traits or experiences of some of the key people in your life; what’s their viral energy stratum?

What have other people been bringing your way? If you have been experiencing a tremendous amount of energetic-toxicity from several people in your life (“Ignorance” Stratum), or a years long hurt-regret-pattern with a family member (“Indifference” Stratum), even though that is not your behavior or intention, you are in the flow with those folks; your viral energy stratum includes that experience.

Let’s expand on that. You might have a family member who feeds off of the negative energy of a hurt-regret-pattern with you. However, now (finally) you can choose to step out of the flow. Move strata! Get out of the flow of the stuff that you no longer choose. They will still be your parent, child, or sibling, and you will have a relationship with them, and they very well might continue their hurt-regret-pattern with someone else, just not you, that is—once you awaken to the magic of viral energy.

What’s the difference between the Law of Attraction and the Law of Viral Energy?

The Law of Attraction (L.O.A.) is: Like vibration attracts like vibration. It works like radio waves from a tuner to a receiver. Receivers can only pick up what they are set to, and dialed into. So think of this—you’re not only putting out a signal; you’re picking up all other energy on that very same channel.

While L.O.A. holds true, the Law of Viral Energy (L.O.V.E.) takes your understanding further, and empowers you in a new and very *affective* way. The Law of Viral Energy is: You have a permeable energy field, everything does. In addition to attracting like-energy (L.O.A.), you also marinate in various levels or ‘strata’ through your environment, people and stimuli around you (L.O.V.E.); this sets your energetic presence.

So, those ‘radio waves’ also permeate your translucent energy field. You are holy!

Why is your energetic presence so important?

Your energetic presence is the fuel and power for all that you create and have access to. The energy that you are being, now, in your spiritual evolution is your presence. Your presence is the product of where you resonate: your viral energy stratum in the now.

Furthermore, you only create within your stratum. And, you only have access to the ‘stuff’ in your stratum flow. So you might want to be conscious of your viral energy and get in the flow of what you would love to do, be and have!

The level at which your energy resonates is everything about your being; what you take in and give out; and what you then experience. And, by the way, what the people around you might take on and experience due to your presence, light or low.

How can you M.O.V.E. in your presence stratum?

Remember, you can ascend or descend in the viral energy strata; you can be positively or negatively affected by outside energy; you are open to, in flow with, and experiencing only other energy on your stratum. Yet, you can rise up to a higher and happier presence stratum and you do this by gaining awareness of viral energy and being deliberate about what and who you surround yourself with.

After all, up there is where you want to be! That’s where all of the good ‘stuff’ that you want lives: your true love, paid fun, inspired dreams, happiness, and pure creation energy.

You have the power. You’ve had it all along. Make your move.

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