Here You Go Again On Your Own: M.O.V.E. To The Love You Want

Your relationship ended or is ending and you’re hurting. Or you’ve been single for way too long and you’re lonely and weary from being on your own.

But, your happiness was never going to come from a relationship beyond the one that you have with Life. And while you might not know it, that’s The One that you’ve been looking for all along.

You chose a purpose for your life. You don’t need to discover your purpose as much as you need to remember it. You made an agreement with Life a long time ago.

And when you move with your purpose you experience the meaning that you’ve been craving: You become the power to fill your hurt and loneliness and grief and wanting. When you move with your purpose, your happiness cannot be taken from you. No longer will your happiness blow in the wind of your relationships and present circumstances.

Yet, purpose is a big quest! What if you don’t know your purpose? What if you have passions and talents and a calling that point in the direction of your purpose, but you just don’t know how to get from here to there?

You hear these sayings all the time, “Get in the flow,” or “Be in the stream,” or “Don’t swim against the current.” But has anyone ever explained them in a way that you can activate in your life? (Where’s the flippin’ flow?!)

The great M.O.V.E. guarantees the following:

  1. For better or worse—all energy is contagious. The ‘temperature’ of energy can move from one being to another.
  2. You pick up energy because you have a permeable energy field. You can synchronize with the energy of your environment and the people and things around you.
  3. Your energy quality (your presence) affects your companionability, your happiness and that of your loved ones, your success at your job, your earning potential, your relationships, and your health.

What you want and dream of, including the relationship and companionship that you yearn for and need, might not be “in the flow” in which you are currently living and vibing. If you’re not seeing it in your life, chances are you’re not sharing the same energetic space with it.

It’s an interesting thing, love. We need it, we really do. That’s why it’s so devastating when we lose it. There is a subtle difference between the words love and need. Try this. Switch out the word “love” in any given sentence and replace it with “need”—see if it still fits, or fits more accurately, or are both true.

Sometimes when expressing the word “love”, you really do “need” more than you love. And sometimes when using the word “love”, what you truly feel is “need” or “delight” or “esteem/admire” or “am passionate for.” Like this: I love you so much. (I need you so much.) I love white roses. (I delight in white roses.) I love my teacher. (I esteem my teacher.) I love my work. (I am passionate for my work.)

Love is present in the life all around you. Distinguish “love” from “need.” Needs once filled will disappear, but love is enduring.

Put yourself in the path of what you want, and more so—what you love. You do this through protecting and nurturing your good viral energy. Get around more of the good stuff! Make the phenomenon of the M.O.V.E. work in your favor.


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