How To Get Their Straw Out Of Your Milkshake (Calling Out Energy Suckers)

Do you know what your most basic needs are? Do you, really?

You can live without food for weeks, without water for days, without oxygen for minutes. But you cannot live without energy, not even for a fraction of a second.

You operate from your personal power: Your presence. And when you don’t feel seen or heard—when your presence is weak—that’s when you sometimes turn to anger, frustration, jealousy and all kinds of low thoughts, emotions and actions.

Have you ever felt drained after visiting with a negative or frantic person? Of course you have. Or left exhausted from a phone call with someone who is down and miserable? Yep, and often. That’s your good energy being drained by the lower energy around you. Your friend, co-worker or relative might not mean to be, but they’re being an Energy Sucker!

You see—when they stick their metaphorical straw in your energy ‘milkshake’, they suck what was yours in order to fuel themselves. Sure, they feel a little bit better after unloading their low and uploading your high, but what does that leave for you? And what kind of day are you now going to have when you’re operating from a depleted tank, poisoned with frustration and agitation?

But you can be there for others without allowing their energy to drain yours. Just by being aware of the nature of viral energy, and limiting your exposure, you can protect your good vibes.

Don’t let others slurp and shoplift your presence. Get their straw out of your milkshake!

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