The Tie That Binds: Double Negative Relationships

Double negative relationships are when both sides are attempting to suck energy from each other. These are 2-way abusive relationships. They are draining and tumultuous.

Often these are parent-child or parent-teenager relationships, romantic partnerships or married couples.

With the double negative parent-child relationship the trigger issue is an identity crisis: both suffer from and act on a loss of power (a.k.a. their presence and the ‘temperature’ of their vibrational energy). They are starved for energy and power because their very identity is in question. Am I still a mother if my child doesn’t need me anymore? How can I be uniquely me if my parents won’t give me space?

But, these pairs can’t simply part ways. They have ties that bind and they have to deal with each other. Are you in this struggle? Well, take a breath and give it time. The parent-child identity struggle won’t last forever, even if it feels like it will!

In romantic partnerships where individuals are abusive to each other, both are fighting for dominance and are looking to the other as an easy and accessible source to gain personal power. These can be more chronic dynamics that have carried over from other relationships in their pasts, and frequently from an abusive childhood.

If you could see their creation energy—their presence—with your eyes it would look a lot like two straws forcing their way into a glass, and before long, much of that drink is on the floor, wasted, and both people are left thirsty.

A depleted and unsatisfied Energy Sucker is the most volatile kind. That’s the set-up for abuse. These relationships are steeped in toxic energy. All of the wishing in the world can’t overcome the root issue: mismanagement of contagious energy.

Have you ever been a party in a double negative relationship?

Sometimes you just have to go your separate ways. Your match is not healthy and it’s best to be apart. Yet, if you are part of the problem, your energy sucking ways will show up again and before long you’ll be looking to stick your straw in the next unguarded milkshake.

Don’t you really want to be happy? Don’t you really want to find a companion to journey through life with? Wouldn’t it be nice to have relationships that last?

The good news is, you can end the cycle of abuse through awareness of the energy dynamic at play. You can fuel yourself from within rather than without. Stop sucking from others and start building you own reservoir through your presence: the viral energy stratum in which you live and operate and act.

All you really want is to be seen and heard, you want a solid presence of your own: an internal vibe that is healing and self-renewing. Utilize the magic of viral energy for better relationships and a happier life.