The Bottom Line About Humanity’s Thirst For Power (And It Affects You!)

To reference my milkshake analogy, a kink in your straw will leave you starving.

Individuals who are pinched off from Life Force (due to energy interference) will steal energy from others by asserting their power over less powerful beings.

They take out the pain of their emptiness and unfulfillment on others. They seek to take any energy at all: Light or dark. They are thirsty for personal power and they want yours.

Remember, you can’t live without personal power: This is the vibrational level that your being’s energy resonates in—the ‘temperature’ of your personal energy—and therefore the presence that you bring to your life and the life around you.

It’s part of the human experience to struggle for this energy source. That’s our free will. The journey (and goal) is to find the source that brings positivity and all of the good that you want in your life.

The pitfall is that the abuser has not learned a better way to gain good energy. For them, accessing low viral energy is learned and habitual. Extreme cases manifest in animal abuse, then child and spousal abuse. It’s always an exertion of power over the less powerful in an attempt to steal energy from another.

This is the Energy-Thirsty Cycle of Abuse (ETCA). (It’s not the standard cycle of abuse, which is: tensions build, incident, reconciliation, calm, start again.)

The ETCA is: Individuals who are depleted of highly vibrating good energy suck energy from targets around them via physical, emotional, verbal or mental abuse. And because this source will never keep them ‘up’ they escalate their abuse over time in order to attempt bigger or lasting ‘power rushes’. Yet, once again, no matter what they do, they can not be satisfied or fulfilled. The bottom line is, they are vibrating at a very low energy stratum!

Be aware of energy suckers, especially those who have escalated to abusive behavior. Just by your awareness you can break their power over you. (Now, you’re onto them!)

To put an end to abuse and negativity, we need to find another way to get fueled

We need to understand and deploy to good use the phenomenon of viral energy.


Energy-Thirsty Cycle Of Abuse (ETCA)

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