Never Hide Cash Under Your Mattress: Circulate Or Stagnate

Perhaps you haven’t given it much thought before, but in fact, all resources must circulate or they will stagnate.

If you stash money under your mattress for twenty years, the very same amount will be worth less over time in relation to the cost of living and the inflation of goods. On the other hand, money moved into real estate or other investments will grow or fluctuate at market value—whatever that might be—either way, it’s in motion inside the energy and action of the marketplace. (Ironically, a synonym for ‘circulation’ is ‘currency’.)

Yep, circulate or stagnate, it works the same way for all resources. It works because of the magic of viral energy.

In the body, blood must circulate or it will stagnate. Even breathing space without new atmosphere will become uninhabitable. What else you ask?

Think of static water in a pond. It will grow algae and bacteria, making it unsuitable to drink. Sure, there is still life present, however it’s undeniably landlocked, passive and stagnant.

Hmmm, are you landlocked, passive and stagnant? Do you need to take action to bring new water in your pond?

Many people who have retired without redirecting their time and energy will tell you that they very quickly started to stagnate: their health diminished and their joy dried up. But retirement from (or letting go of) one thing doesn’t have to be like that. You can choose to circulate your resources and energy elsewhere.

Maybe you itch for more out of your job. Maybe you’ve outgrown your town. Do you feel stuck, bored, unsuccessful or unfulfilled?

How do you know if you’re stagnating? It’s simple: If you’re not growing over a significant period of time, and you feel like you’re running on a wheel and getting nowhere, then you’re stagnating. (It’s time to bring in some new energy!)

Sometimes we don’t want to let go of our resources because we fear that we won’t get any more. Is this you?

Are you a cheapskate who often lets your friends pick up the tab because you’re always broke? While they might be okay with this; it’s holding you in a mindset that’s preventing your abundance. (If you’re in a constant state of lack, consider trying the principle of ‘Circulate or Stagnate’.) Or, are you a packrat with boxes of stuff that you haven’t needed in more than a year? (Hint: If you haven’t used it in a twelve-month cycle, chances are you don’t need it. Chances are it’s getting more useless as time goes on.)

You cannot just take without investing, or hoard and expect growth—or for that matter, expect that the standard will be sustained.

And it’s not just your stuff, your money or your social life. Put effort and action and newness into the resources of your skills, talents, your ability to love and be loved, and your very presence.

Imagine if you lived by the principle: Resources that do not circulate will stagnate? This shift could be a miracle in your life.

The cure for stagnation is circulation. Keep resources in motion.

Maybe it’s a good time to ask what you can do to open the flow, mix it up and bring in new resources and new creation energy.

You might just be in the market for a Quantum Leap. Take action and claim your abundance!