Cut The Crap: You Didn’t Get Here Overnight

Okay, so here you are. It feels like the bottom just fell out. Again.

If you’re ruminating over what happened, stop doing that. If you’re crying over the fight, stop doing that. If you can’t take any more, stop taking any more.

Whether your life is a mess or you’re on track, either way, you didn’t get here overnight. And while you’re certain this is their fault, nobody did this to you.

Your life is the way it is because you are in the same energy stratum as all of the crap that you are experiencing. So, get out of the crap.

Where you are today and what you experience in your life is a product of:

  1. Your choices. Or lack of making choices. (Even if it might not be the perfect choice, often making a choice is better than never taking action at all. Have you been at a standstill for years?)
  2. Your presence. This is the unique energy stratum and pattern in which you tend to resonate. It has nothing to do with your ‘energy level’ in terms of your metabolism or if you are a high action person or a low energy person. A low key personality type can vibe at a high frequency of Light energy. A fast-paced, high-energy person can resonate at a low stratum of dark creation energy. And a fairly enlightened and spiritual person can be chronically suck in an environment of negative low vibe energy, and therefore their light is dimmed. (You’ll want to find out what the heck is an ‘Energy Stratum’. Because, you’re in one now!)

Your energy stratum is not determined by your current mood. Your energy statum is a product of chronic exposure to Light or dark energy. Good or bad stuff builds up over time. (Think of diet and exercise: If you haven’t exercised in months, but you do so today, you won’t see the results today, but rather over time, granted you keep it up. If you eat poorly today you won’t see the affect in your body and health today, but over time, unless you change habits.)

It works this same way with the energetic influences within your surroundings. It all happens through viral energy exposure over time: a consistent trajectory of Light or dark energy influences. Over time it affect your presence: your quality of Light energy and therefore where you resonate in the energy stratum.

And it goes both ways. Your presence affects the energy around you—that is, the people around you. This should matter to you because how others respond to you is important to your happiness. If others are consistently getting a frantic, low or miserable vibe from you, chances are you’re not going to have a pleasant response from them.

I know. You think this isn’t you, because you’re happy and pleasant when socializing with others. That’s super, but that is not the same as the temperature of your energy stratum. You can’t see your viral energy. No one can.

You succeed, fail, create, destroy, live, die, fight and love energetically.

Recalculate. Take action. Do something. Protect your creation energy. To change your experiences and your responses from others; change your action, your environment and your energy.

Whether you fail or you succeed in life—like it or not—you take the credit for it because it has everything to do with the energy stratum that your spirit resides in. It has everything to do with the quality of your creation energy.



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