New GPS Navigation For Sleepwalkers

You know that when you take a wrong turn and get off track, your GPS doesn’t say, “You idiot! Now look what you’ve done!” It only says, “Recalculating,” and illuminates another way.

Well, life kind of works like that too.

Have you been sleepwalking through life and have no idea why you are where you are? When you make mistakes, are you too hard on yourself? How about when you have really messed up—when you’ve ruined an opportunity, waited too long, hurt somebody or been guilty of a wrongdoing?

Consider this: All choices lead to different roads with the same ultimate destination; some are just longer routes than others.

And, let’s take it further: All mistakes are choices that are not judged by the Creator (not at least in the way that we have come to think of the dreaded ‘wrath of God‘), but are expressions of free will which delay your soul’s destination while creating your soul’s evolution.

Heavy? Perhaps. Yet, once you start living this way you’ll find it’s a mindset (or a soulset) that’s very enlightening.

I like to use this new GPS acronym: God’s Position on Sin. And while the word ‘sin’ can be too intense for many of your hiccups, think of it as a catchall for your poor choices, wasted time, hurts and mistakes of all kinds—your wrong turns.

It always works the exact same way—it can be counted on. No matter how many times you get turned around or take a detour, your GPS only calmly says once more, “Recalculating,” in the same steady tone, and once more suggests another way to where you said you wanted to go.

But guess what? You still have to drive the car: push the gas; decide on a destination; declare what that destination is; make directional choices; plus choices of speed and route; and actually turn the wheel.

Yikes! Wouldn’t it be easier if your life was predetermined, or determined by an outside source? Easier maybe. But that’s not free will. And it isn’t how it works.

Your GPS is always available and patiently ready to guide. But you must take action: put one step in front of the other, and even take some chances.

After all, if you take the long-road for a while or get turned in circles (by making poor choices or not making choices at all / stagnating), you can always recalculate. And while you might lose some time; you gain a journey to your heart’s desire.

Today, you are exactly where you need to be. And you can get there from here!