Calling All Travelers: Are You There Yet?

Well, are you—are you there yet? First you must decide where there is.

You’ve heard that life should be about “the journey, not the destination.” But, do you know why?

It’s because only through the journey do you discover and decide who you are.

Are you strong when tested, persistent through challenge, brave even when you’re afraid? You wouldn’t know if you jumped directly to the destination.

It’s the same for the micro (you) as it is for the macro (all of Life).

Life created itself as individual units in order to know itself anew (New Life). The purpose of Life is to create and by doing so you re-discover who you are as part of the body of Life and evolve to understand the truth (and usefulness and beauty) of the design of individuals within one body.

So, rather than ask if you are there yet, or wish for the struggle to be over, explore the purpose of your individual journey…

Hint: It has everything to do with Your Breathtaking Agreement With Life!


(This is where the book M.O.V.E.: Your Guide To Supernatural Happiness becomes life changing! Read on to “Part 3: HAPPINESS IS SUPER, NATURAL”.)

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