Why Are You Making Life So Hard On Yourself?

You are so hard on yourself. Even when something great comes along, you don’t trust it. And yet, you’re creating much of what you’re experiencing. You’re a very powerful manifestor.

So, how do you stop the struggle and start getting more of what you want, easier?

First, be clear about what you want. See it, in detail, in your mind. Write it down and tell other people about it. Then take action steps in the direction of your goals. Just let it stretch. Then, take action again.

And although you must take action to get there quicker and with less road blocks, the magic of viral energy is effortless, even when you think that you’re doing nothing, you are resonating at a ‘vibe’—your viral energy stratum—that is creating your life and experiences.

Have you ever unwittingly devolved yourself from a job, relationship, or opportunity? (I have.) Deep down, could it be that you were not in sync with it? Did you believe that it didn’t fit you anymore? Or did you speak negative affirmations of complaint or criticism…only to be surprise when you lost the job, relationship, or opportunity? Well, you weren’t as passive in the cause-and-effect as you might think. You were not sharing the same energetic level as the job, relationship, or opportunity, and you de-evolved it from your life!

Become aware of your strong ability to manifest, and use this wisdom in your favor. The cool thing is that Life wants for you what you want for you, when your intentions are pure. The connective force of all is working to align your life as it should be, to serve what you said that you wanted to be and do in this life. And why? Just because you said that you wanted it.

Stop letting things happen to you; create your life the way you dream it. Take action steps to move in the direction of where you said you wanted to go. Don’t linger in a viral energy stratum that does not share all of the good things that you want, and does not fit you anymore.

Don’t be in your own way. Move with Life.