Your A.W.L.: You Have An Essential Purpose

“We are here to create not merely survive.” That was the fortune in my cookie some six years ago. I keep it in the top righthand drawer on my desk and read it often. It’s a great reminder of why I do what I do. And, as the fortune states, it’s why we all do what we do.

You have a purpose: To create and to enlighten the world with your unique presence. Yes, I’m speaking to YOU.

You are intended and designed to create. And—Are you ready for it?—You picked what you wanted to create before you started this life. You chose your purpose!

Your Agreement With Life (A.W.L.) is the contract that you made with Life before you began your journey in this world.

Even before the very moment that you took your first breath, you began the journey to remember and fulfill your agreement: what you decided that you wanted to contribute to humanity’s evolution, and your own.

If you knew for sure that you have an essential purpose that you set out to move towards, would you spend your days paralyzed, sad and heartbroken? No, you would not. Would you waste your energy and your presence on people and things unworthy of your great Agreement With Life? No, you would not.

Life is renewing this promise to you in this moment, even as you read this.

Life is under contract with you to provide you the resources, people, circumstances, opportunities and events that you need to journey towards and fulfill that beautiful agreement and the purpose of your unique soul in this world at this time.

If you could see the contract that you have with Life—your A.W.L.—how would it read? If you could remember what it was, what would it be?

Write it out now. What would you contribute to Life if you could do anything? What would you create? Just start with that. Write, “Dear Life, I am choosing this life incarnation, again and with renewed energy, in order to…I chose to share Life and happiness through my gifts of…my intention in this world is…my unique contribution is…please help me to use my life to…show me the signs and brings me the people and resources to fulfill my A.W.L. Sincerely and with love and Light, ________________.” Sign it anew. Re-ENERGIZE your agreement.

Hint: Let your passions and talents point the way. Look for Light. (Remember, Light is the opposite of confusion!)

All you need to do today is write it down. If you chose, tweak it over the next few days, weeks or months—it is your contract, your choice. The sky is the limit. Remember what it is that you set out to do. Remember the greatness that you are.

Then fold it up and put it in your wallet or your nightstand or any safe place. Even if you don’t look at it again for a year, it is in motion.

The magnetism of Life and the great magic of viral energy will do the rest, provided you do your part, which simply is to take action and make decisions to move in the direction of your A.W.L.

Move in the direction (each day and with every decision) of your beautiful Agreement With Life. You, my dear, have an essential purpose!

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