You’re Not Unhappy; You’re Just Empty

Are you feeling empty of the good stuff? Do you feel like you’re wandering or lost or frozen? Have you become disconnected with the life around you? Are your days filled with trivial to-do lists yet you’re not making significant progress? Are you inundated with things going wrong? Are you bored in your daily life?

These are all signs that you are unfulfilled. The cure for unhappiness or boredom is fulfillment—to be engaged in the purpose that your soul set out for when you chose to incarnate into this life.

Remember when you had big dreams for your life? You had a picture in your mind of your soulmate, your dream home, dream job or dream vocation. You had interests and passions that lit you up. And you had all the energy in the world. So, what happened and why did you give up on those dreams? Sure, you might have a pretty good life, a comfortable life even. But what about your BIG passion? What about that ache in your heart? What about how you were going to change the world? What about your untapped talents? What about the adventure you never experienced? What about your life’s BIG love?

No matter how old you are, you’re not too old to start a life of passion and adventure and excellence. You have not made too many mistakes and wrong turns; you chose those paths, even if you would not choose them again. You’ve built character and weathered trials, you’ve loved and lost and tried again. You can start today with renewed BIG dreams.

Start today by deciding what you want. Write it down. Declare it out loud. Tell people about it. Get excited about it. Then do the work by making decisions and taking action. Go out of your way to laugh; watch comedies; have fun; take adventures; book a trip; hike a trail! Protect your creation energy by filtering, and being selective about, the people and things that you surround yourself with. Change everything if you have to! (I did, back when I was empty.)

Happiness is supernatural. Get on the journey to your true life’s purpose and your happiness will follow. It’s guaranteed…and you make it happen.