Paid Fun, Anyone?

What would you do if you could do anything…and get paid for it? What truly makes your spirit sing and brings you excitement and a deep sense of purpose?

Take some time to define what you would love to do, or more specifically, what you would love to be. Then spend a few minutes each day thinking, feeling or planning on it: Marinade in the energy of your paid fun!

The neat thing is, your paid fun wants you as much as you want it!

All you need to do is be in the flow of it, that is: Be on the viral energy level where all those things, people and experiences that you want are.

What you want and dream of, including your dream job/paid fun/divinely designed work, might not be in the viral energy stratum in which you are currently living and ‘vibing’.

Remember, if you are not seeing it in your life, chances are you are not sharing the same energetic space with it!

Put yourself in the path of what you want (a.k.a. In the flow; In the stream; In the current) by using the knowledge and magic of viral energy to work in your favor.

Here’s how:

  1. Get clear about what you want: Visualize it, write it down.
  2. Spend time sharing space, energy and emotion with what you want, even if it doesn’t ‘exist’ yet: Dream about it, draw what it looks like, read about it, and declare it to other people.
  3. Claim your birthright: You came into this life with a divine purpose, which you chose. What you set out to do and BE in this world at this time is your breathtaking Agreement With Life (A.W.L.). Get confident about the truth that what you want, wants you!
  4. Get on the same road as what you want: Understand the viral energy at work and be mindful of your presence (the energy of your being). Then, filter ‘bad’ energy’ and surround yourself with ‘good’ energy. Your energy will ‘vibe’ (or resonate) with what you are marinading in everyday by way of ‘osmosis’ through the people and environment around you.

Your energetic presence is the supply from which you create your paid fun and fulfilling your A.W.L. The source is unlimited. The question is: Are you pinched off from the source of health and wealth and love and happiness, or are you moving with it?