The Return Of Love Interrupted (And Other Open Doors)

Have you ever thought about someone and then they called? Or dreamt of a job change and then received a surprise opportunity? Or broken up with someone yet still can’t part ways? Or reunited with an old flame out of seemingly nowhere? (I have.)

Doors open to what (and who) you think about. Thoughts hold energy, and that energy tends to connect with other energy on the same vibration, like radio waves. Here’s an example. If you’re unhappy or bored in your job, chances are that before long you will—by your choice or not—become devolved from the job. If you deeply desire better work hours, projects and experiences—and you imagine, from a place of excitement, what that would look and feel like—it’s quite possible that you are energetically opening a portal to an opportunity that will come knocking soon.

Relationships work like this, too. When you have someone on your mind, consistently and often, don’t be surprised when they turn up on your phone or doorstep. I’ve had three engagements and one marriage. I’ll try to simplify this, as it does get complicated—My third engagement resulted in the marriage to my husband, Burt. Yet, we had a two year gap in which we were broken up, when I had in the meantime gotten engaged to my ex-boyfriend from 10 years earlier, only to break it off a few months later, and return to Burt, where my heart really was. Whew! (Oh, the first engagement you say, right, well that was a rookie mistake at twenty years old.)

I have some experience with love, interrupted, and getting back together after years of being separated. The bottom line is, on each of the occasions when I had been reunited with someone from my past, I was thinking about that person, consistently and fueled by deep emotion, and then they turned up or were ‘open’ when I turned up. This kind of thing happens when two people have each other on their minds. (Caveat: In the case of a recent split, the ties that continue to bind the two of you only mean that your thoughts are still with each other. After all, it’s raw, and life is real.)

Here’s a cute, and entirely benign, story about a woman (whom I know) and a man, both in their seventies, who connected out-of-the-blue five decades after they were high school sweethearts.

Nancy (73) was going through some old memory boxes and came across a set of baseball cards belonging to an old boyfriend from 50 years earlier, John (74). This was the first time she had thought of him in decades. She wondered what ever happened to him and if he missed his cards. Five days later, Nancy received a letter from John. He said he thought of her and just wanted to say hello and hoped that all was well in her life.

Knowing how the magic of viral energy works—and how your thoughts are energy units that can be picked up by receivers tuned into that same frequency—you would want to mind what you think about from now on. (Kidding; not kidding.) Put the magic of viral energy to good use when you want to dial-in a fabulous new job, fresh new experiences, or a soul mate from your past or future!