7 Tips For Affirmations, That Work!

When I was single, I had wanted to meet and marry a man who was chivalrous, who opened doors and helped me with my coat. And so, on my vision board I had a photo (it was from a perfume advertisement, I recall) of an elegant woman stepping out of a car. Under her stylish stiletto was a man’s suit jacket covering a puddle, a firm male hand held hers as she leaned forward with eyes locked on his; no concern for the puddle.

I held out for a man like that, and then I married him.

Affirmations are tool for you to actively manifest your goals, dreams and heart’s desires. Olympians, professional athletes, titans of business, military special ops, celebrated actors and artists, have used them. Now, it’s your turn to declare what you really want, and then claim your abundance!

What exactly are affirmations? Affirmations can be spoken or written or visualized. They are present tense proclamations to you and to all of Life. Affirmations are commands to Life to create something. They can be I AM statements (but they don’t have to be). They can be derived from your 8 Areas Of Abundance. They can be derived from your Personal Mission Statement. They can be a prayer spoken or written in the present tense (I.e. “Thank you for the resources to fulfill my purpose.”) To work, they must serve your life’s purpose. (Before you create your affirmations, it’s very helpful—and I strongly recommend—to first write out your Agreement With Life.) You decide what you want to be, do, have; and what you tell yourself.

What are affirmations, not? Affirmations do not work in the negative like, “I am not alone—I am not fat.” They are not spoken or written or visualized in the past or future, such as, “I will be a bestselling author.” They are not a list of things to do, that feels heavy and it’s not going to work. They are not accomplishments that once reached are no longer relevant, for example, “I want to lose 10 pounds—I will meet my soulmate this year.” Affirmations are not egocentric aspirations like, “I want to be a star—I am rich—I am a millionaire.” Hint: If you need resources such as money or influence to fulfill your life’s purpose, then create your affirmations around the purpose, not the payout.

There’s a ‘recipe’, so to speak, for doing affirmations. And, there’s also magic to it! Here’s what I have learned and know about positive (and negative) affirmations, and tips for how to, finally, get what you truly desire.

#1 Clean Up Your Daily Vernacular

Affirmations can be as simple as what you tell yourself all day, everyday. “I am” are the most powerful creation words in existence—they command Life to create something.

You’re a powerful manifestor; mind what you say.

#2 Get Clear About What You Want

When you know what you want, Life starts to move the resources, people and opportunities your way. The more clear you become, the more clear it shows up.

If it hasn’t shown up yet, ask yourself how often you’ve changed your mind about what you want. (Why don’t you just pick what you want, already?) When your dreams and goals are foggy and unfocused, what shows up is unfocused. Daydream about it. Visualize it. Really see it in your imagination.

#3 Get It On Paper

It can help to write your affirmations out. Do this, only, when you have time to make it feel good. If you need help you get in the vibe, try first meditating, do yoga, or just get yourself a nice cup of tea and relax. It’s supposed to be fun; after all, it’s all about you!

Here are some of my favorite written affirmations—one or more for each of the areas of life that I choose abundance—some could be used by many, and some are personalized to my journey yet will give you some good ideas.

Spiritual Abundance: “I am a powerful creator.” And, “I live surrounded by the extreme beauty of nature.”

Mental Abundance: “I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.” (Thanks, John!)

Financial Abundance: “Life is moving the resources, people, events and opportunities to me in order to fulfill my purpose.”

Vocational Abundance: “God, use me to help animals in peril by inspiring change in the hearts of all of us indifferent or in denial.” And, “I am and have everything I need to make my inspired dreams come true.”

Occupational Abundance: “I am an author and my books enrich and enlighten millions of people around the world, inspiring them to their higher selves.”

Familial Abundance: “I am married to my gorgeous funmate.” And, “My family are my best friends, and my best friends are my family.”

Social Abundance: “Our home is alive with family and friends and we have the space and time to entertain and create love and life.”

Physical Abundance: “I am fit, toned and my body is in perfect alignment.”

…And one more just because it’s fun and —(only) when it comes from a pure intention—it’s very powerful: “What I want, wants me.”

#4 Supercharge It With Images

This is where a vision board is handy, or a vision scrapbook, or a Pinterest page—whatever works to help you visualize your inspired dreams. Pairing your thoughts and dreams with photos snagged from magazines or online really helps you to visualize what it looks like, in detail. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Match your images to all eight of your areas of abundance and synchronize them with your affirmations. Be clear about why you want what you want. When choosing photos of your dream home, for example, dream of the home that fits what you want to do and be. If you want to host a lot of visitors, then be sure to have guest bedrooms. Don’t wish for a big house; visualize and draw to you the home that fits your inspired dreams! (Tip: Photos of beautiful empty homes are just beautiful empty homes. Choose photos that include a happy family, entertaining, pets, food being prepared— whatever abundance looks like to you.)

Beginning in 2005, I had placed my vision board where I couldn’t miss it, on my bedroom wall directly in front of my bed. Every morning and night I would lie in bed and gaze at my board of powerful images of all of the abundance that I wished for with sincerity; it filled me with excitement. The images that I had thoughtfully selected helped me to really see and feel all of the areas of abundance that I desired in my life.

#5 Proclaim It To Claim It

Tell people about it. Make yourself accountable for your goals by sharing your intentions. There is a power that comes with speaking your intentions and affirmations out loud to others. Your words go up like bursts of creation energy, at large, echoed back to you in another’s voice. Then, it starts to become more real to you.

#6 Feel Like It’s Happening Now

Emotions are magnetic and they speed up the manifestation of your goals and dreams. How can you feel it, now? If your affirmation feels like a task that you want to tick off your list of accomplishments, it’s not an affirmation that’s going to work well for you.

When choosing tools to help you manifest your dreams—whether they are I AM statements or glossy magazine clippings—choose what makes you feel something, inspiring. Choose what is meaningful and exciting to you.

Rather than imagining what your choice in a partner would look like, or how much money they will make; ask yourself, “How do I want to feel?” Perhaps you want to feel adored, supported, and part of a team. Whatever it is for you, choose visualization images that make you feel something wonderful!

#7 Take Action Through Choice

It’s not going to jump off your vision board or your notepad; you must take action.

Your action could be to take small steps, in the direction of your goals. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Or your action could be a quantum leap.

Either way, everyday you will be faced with choices, and all you have to do is pick the one that serves your personal mission statement and the agreement that you made with Life.

For your affirmations to work, your words and actions must be congruent with what you have said that you wanted to do, be, and have.

What do you really want? Do it now.


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