8 Areas To Accelerate Extraordinary Abundance

When you can see the life that you want in extraordinary detail, you will start to draw to you extraordinary abundance and the people and resources that are needed to effortlessly manifest your inspired dreams.

So, the first thing you will want to do is audit each of your 8 areas of abundance. Consider, and dream about, what abundance is for you in each of them, and in all of them. Your life is not just about what you do. And, your life is not just about what you have or want to have or achieved.

To be abundant in one area, you must practice abundance in all. After all, what good is financial abundance, if you’re unhealthy? And why cram your life with social events, if you don’t also have joy within your own home or spirit?

So, get clear about what you want, in all areas of life, and a path will be cleared.

Here are your 8 Areas Of Abundance: Spiritual, Physical, Social, Familial, Occupational, Vocational, Financial, and Mental.

Spiritual Abundance: To keep a healthy mind, think about incorporating into your life practices such as prayer or meditation. Maybe cooking or writing or sitting quietly in nature is your spiritual practice. Think outside the box about what will give you peace of spirit and keeps you balanced.

Physical Abundance: It doesn’t have to be hard work. Do you like to walk, run, bike, go to the gym, do yoga, rollerblade, swim? Then do that! Yet, physical abundance is not just about staying fit and active; it’s also about taking care of your body, you’re going to need it! Pamper yourself with a relaxing bath, book a massage, get a pedicure. Eat well and balanced, and be mindful of where your food comes from.

Social Abundance: How do you socialize now, and what would it feel like to you to be abundant in your social life? Would you like to entertain more in your home? Do you dream of more time spent breaking bread with family and friends at a restaurant or picnic table in the park. Do you enjoy stepping out to socialize and meet new people? How would you like to spend the holidays, and with whom? (Here’s a great example of how your 8 areas of abundance need to be equality nurtured—without financial abundance it can be hard to maintain the social abundance that you most desire.)

Familial Abundance: And how about family life, what does that look like to you? Is it just you and your beloved dogs, do you have or want children, grandchildren, do you have/want a partner or spouse? How do you want to communicate and interact—in a health way—with your parents, siblings or children? What would the benchmark look like in those close relationships?

Occupational Abundance: So this is what you do for a living, how you make your money. And this area can be a heartache if you don’t feel contentment with what you do everyday to provide for yourself and your family. Really think about what your perfect work at perfect pay would be if you could design it that way. If it’s a new job that you desire, create it on paper and in your mind the way that you would dream it to be. If you don’t know what it is that you want, you likely aren’t experiencing it in your job!

Vocational Abundance: Did you think that your occupation was everything about what you do? No sir, no ma’am! When it comes to your vocation, think about what you would do if you could do anything, whether you were paid for it or not. Think about what you loved to do when you were a kid. Often your vocation is in line with your talents or passions. Maybe yours is: painting, fostering cats or dogs, volunteering with veterans, building furniture or fixing things, advocating for the environment or some other cause.

Financial Abundance: What does financial health and abundance look like to you? Is it stability, security, the ability to help others? Where are you lacking and what are your themes of lack or stress or less or not enough that repeat and cause you to suffer? It’s worth repeating—What would financial health and abundance look like?

Mental Abundance: Sometimes mental abundance can be satisfied with some physical abundance like exercise or sport to burn off charged emotions. Yet, mental wellness and abundance is a little more, it’s also the way that you satisfy your curiosity with continued learning, stretching your mind, and continuing to flex your beautiful brain power. What’s thought-provoking for you: philosophy, contemplating art, debate, education? What have you done for your brain lately?


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