If You’ve Ever Said “I Am Fat”, Read This

My typical mantras used to sound like this, “I am fat—I am lonely—I am broke—I am depressed—I am bad—I am overwhelmed—I am not appreciated—I am tired of this—I am not talented—I am lost—I am old—I am undeserving—I am stuck.”

What I have learned is that all of these statements are affirmations. Words command Life to create something!

Life doesn’t know the difference between your fears and insecurities, and your requests. It only knows that you said that you are fat, and so Life will affirm it and turn the energy of your words into form. You will get what you proclaim. Of course, it works the same for, “I am sad—I am unworthy—I am poor”, and so on. Negative statements are affirmations too. They are toxins in your creation energy.

“Depression and anxiety are really the world’s oldest cons. You’re fouling yourself, but you don’t realize it because you’re negative thoughts seem as valid to you as the fact that there’s skin on your hand. It doesn’t dawn on you that you’re involved in this gigantic and cruel hoax. The very moment that you change the way that you are thinking, and you see that those negative thoughts aren’t true, the negative feelings will disappear. We create our own reality in every moment of every day. It would be interesting to know how to measure it, this energy. To test it scientifically would be really fun, because it is almost mystical.

It is certainly a fact that when people are in a happy mood it’s infectious and you feel it right away. When you feel hot, awesome, happy, it is a vibration and people can pick it up from 10 or 20 feet away. They want to be with you. And if you’re in the ‘I’m no good’ mode, everyone wants to reject you. When you get down or anxious, people are kind of turned off to you. You see it in business, in dating, and every application in life.” —Dr. David D. Burns, M.D., Adjunct Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine and the author of the bestselling books Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy and The Feeling Good Handbook

Try instead, “I am fit—I am blissfully happy—I am abundant—I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.” This last one I have been telling myself for years, yet it’s not mine originally.

Many, many years before he was rich, famous, and living the life of his dreams, Dr. John DeMartini (best-known from the film, The Secret) met an old man who changed his life.

At the time, John was a vagabond surfer living in Hawaii who couldn’t read or write and was told his whole life that he was mentally impaired and would never amount to anything. Yet, he had dreamt of so much more and so he asked for advice from the old man.

The man told him to say these words, and to repeat them again-and-again and really mean them, “I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.”

Today, Dr. John DeMartini travels the world as a highly sought-after speaker and motivator. (In fact, as six-degrees-of-separation would have it, John drew a smiley face, in pen, on the tip of my right index finger, at a talk in Vegas, given by Chicken Soup For The Soul author, Jack Canfield. We sat next to each other in the front row; the finger drawing was some sort of an exercise that the audience was asked to do; John was up to speak next.) Do you think that John truly believed that he was a ‘genius’ when he first began speaking the mantra? No, he did not. Until one day he did.

You’ll know when it’s real—you’ll feel it.

I AM are powerful creation words. In fact, they are the most powerful creation words in existence. Get this, “I am” appears in the Bible 719 times—508 times in the Old Testament and 211 times in the New Testament. God, himself and to himself, is known as the great I AM. “I am that I am.” “I am the Light of the world.” So, take it from the most divine, I AM is supernatural!

There is, indeed, a miraculous order to Life. Life responds to your free will. Life is both in order and taking orders. Life wants for you what you want for you.

Make a list of 10 powerful I AM statements. Even if they don’t feel real, write it as you want it to be. Post these on your bathroom mirror or any place where you will read them often. Say them out loud, daily. Then make a copy, fold it up, and place it your wallet.

And while it might not happen overnight, you can expect magic and miracles in your life. Life (big L) is moving into order!


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