What’s Your Personal Mission Statement?

During my miserable years, from 15 to 34—and yes, it’s a hell of a long time to be miserable—I had never thought of my intentions. I didn’t even know what that meant.

I suppose my intentions from day-to-day were no more than rogue thoughts like, I want to be loved; I want everything now; I wish for all animals to be safe from cruelty; I want maximum reward for minimal effort; I want world peace; I want others to respect me and think well of me.

When I was happy, I was a joy to be around; when I was empty or lonely or broken, I was uncompanionable. I did not connect the inner intentions that I carried through my life with the circumstances and events that I would experience.

Yet, I was a very introspective person and spent much of my home-alone time contemplating the meaning and purpose of life. I started to read everything I could find on self-help, spirituality and new age philosophy. I journaled, asked myself big questions, and sought answers.

I began making the connection between my thoughts and what I was manifesting in my life. I hypothesized that my thoughts and intentions were the attraction point of everything, good and bad. Yet only when I tested the idea, by being mindful of my thoughts and intentions, did I see the proof, and this began to change my life for the better.

Today, it is my belief that there is an even stronger creation point beyond intentions—Foundational Intention.

The most powerful force at your will is your foundational intention. It’s like a personal mission statement. It’s a singular proclamation that defines and guides all of your action and behavior. From your foundational intention, all that is meant for your life is born.

My foundational intention is: To make a positive difference in the lives of others by inspiring the higher self in all of us. You see, I believe that our higher selves do not hurt each other, harm animals, or cause war. For this reason, my purpose and mission is to inspire the higher self. I follow my purpose by using the talents that I have been given and those that I have cultivated—writing, storytelling and art.

If you could define your life’s purpose, then craft it into a single mission statement (a.k.a. foundational intention)—from which all of your other intentions will flow and grow—what would it be?

Dream about it, think on it, and write it down. From this, your perfect work at perfect pay shows up; your heart’s desires begin to be met; your true love manifests; happiness becomes your natural state.

Life wants to bring you the people, events and resources to fulfill your powerful foundational intention. But first, you need to decide what it is.


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