How To Believe Your Affirmations (Pssst, Your Power Is In The Sweet Spot)

“Quantum physics says that the observer (that’s you, me, us) affects reality. Therefore, if you can change how you go about observing what you call life, you can change the reality that you’re living in,” world famous quantum physicist, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, told me when I interviewed him in 2015.

Quantum physics has proven that through our individual perspective we have the ability to change our own reality. And this is precisely why we do affirmations—to decide what we want and then affirm it to ourselves until we can really feel it, believe it, and manifest it.

And still, believing our own affirmations is the hardest part.

The law of attraction—which simply is a principle of the mechanics of matter and energy at the quantum level—states that first you must believe, then you will receive. But when you don’t have what you want, or can’t see it happening, it’s hard to hold a belief. In reality, it’s not yet true.

So, What’s The Other Secret Of The Law Of Attraction’s ‘Believe-Receive’ Principle?

How can you believe your affirmations if they’re not true, yet? What’s missing? (Pssst, here’s the sweet spot in the believe-receive principle…)

What if we switched two letters in the word belief to belife (Be Life)? And—while you might prefer ‘Lord’, ‘Yahweh’, ‘Creator’ or another beautiful name—what if you considered my favorite word for God, which is Life with a capital L?

What I’m getting at—which is the key to believing—is to just BE LIFE. Be your very purpose for manifesting into this life. Be confident that you:

  1. Have a purpose to add something to the evolution of humanity.
  2. The Creator created you to fulfill your purpose.
  3. Life wants for you what you want for you.

And so, let’s change the law of attraction’s manifestation principle from Believe-Receive to BeLife-Receive. Fully step into you. Tell yourself, “What I seek, seeks me.”

Re-visit your breathtaking agreement with Life. It’s not just what you do; it’s what you are. Be that.

When you remember that you are in an agreement with all of Life; and Life is moving resources to fulfill that agreement; therefore you and Life are one—you are Life—then it becomes much easier to believe your powerful affirmations.

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