Life Is Written; Your Life Is What You Write

Is your life already written, or do you make your own destiny? The answer is: Both.

You will get ‘there’, to your purpose that is, no matter how many detours you take, over how many lifetimes, whether you take the scenic route or not. That’s what’s meant by the idiom, Life Is Written.

But—and it’s a BIG but—there’s no ‘meant to be’ in life. Yep, that is correct, there’s not a right choice. There is only what you choose.

Your life will be what you make it. What you choose, and therefore the life that you experience, and what you contribute to Life is all up to you. You make the magic!

Here’s a great story about the power of choice…

Mandy was a child turning into a teenager and starting to become aware of the ideals of beauty and ultra-thinness portrayed in magazines and on the internet. “I remember reading Seventeen Magazine at thirteen years old and I thought that the only way that I can find love and have somebody love me is if I can match that,” she shared with me, adding, “I thought that if I could eat just five grapes a day, and feel okay, then maybe I could go down to four. I didn’t understand the body’s purpose, nor did I really care. ”

Her rock-bottom was 80 pounds at eighteen years old. Life was slipping away and Mandy was literally and figuratively sick of less. What she yearned for was more—more freedom, more love, more acceptance, more energy and more health.

One day, she made a decision: to learn everything she could about health and happiness and take back her life. She says, “I wanted to live and I wanted extraordinary experiences in life. I realized that I needed my body to take me there.”

So, what happened to her?

She is Reebok sponsored plant-based super-athlete, Mandy Gill, and today she is featured in magazines, endorsed by national athletic and fashion brands, regularly booked as a fitness and nutrition expert and motivational speaker, and has appeared hundreds of times on talk format and morning television programs.

She could have continued a life of less, but instead she made a choice and then took action. And so can you.

Maybe your life-of-less is to starve yourself of love, when in reality, love is yours for the choosing. So choose the path of Light; not the path of confusion. And, get out of your own way.

Maybe your life-of-less is to make yourself small for other people, to minimize your greatness because you think that it will make change easier for others. Abundance and your soul’s destiny is your birthright. It will feel like a stretch at first; do it anyway—fully step into your greatness.

Maybe your life-of-less is to not make choices and just let life happen to you. Stop doing that; you have an essential purpose.

Your life is not a foregone conclusion of your circumstances, nor your location, nor your current opportunities, nor your education, nor your fears.

Your life will be what you make it, with each and every choice.

Mandy Gill Super Athlete - photo collage