Get Rid Of Space Holders (You’re Just Not That Into Them)

My dad once told me that if my closet was full of stuff that I didn’t like and I wanted new clothes, but didn’t know where the money would come from to buy them, then what I needed to do was to give away the clothes that I wasn’t using. “The ‘Vacuum Effect’ will fill in the void,” he said.

I’ve used the Vacuum Effect on my closets, bad choices in friends and mates, and for new and exciting jobs. Dad was right, it works. Even if you don’t know where the resources, people, or opportunities will come from, start by making room in your life for the new by creating a void in place of the old. Then let the magic of viral energy do the rest!

All things, all energy, all resources must circulate or they will stagnate. Want to know what’s worse? Negativity, energy suckers, and time wasters are far more stunting to your happiness than mere stagnation; they are septic to your creation energy. (Yikes!)

My dad didn’t make up the vacuum effect; he just applied it to the clothes in my closet. (Although, I do think that a more precise name for the vacuum effect would be the void-fill effect.) I assumed it would work on everything—because I was young and idealistic and believing—so I tried it on everything! And yes, it works marvelously to move energy, people, and things for that matter.

A void will naturally be filled with what’s around it and accessible. It is a certainty.

Interestingly, the vacuum effect has been studied by scientists for feral cat populations. Evidence indicates that “removing feral cat populations only opens up the habitat to an influx of new cats, either from neighboring territories or born from survivors,” says “Each time cats are removed, the population will rebound through a natural phenomenon known as the “vacuum effect.” The vacuum effect is a phenomenon scientifically recognized worldwide, across all types of animal species.”

It’s kind of neat to know how spatial voids work in nature, and handy when wishing to manifest new clothes or shoes, and yet it’s power is much more magical when put to right use. Think about it—why not use the vacuum effect to your benefit to create a life of happiness for yourself and others?

When it comes to clearing out what’s not working, and creating the life that you truly want, don’t avoid creating a void, embrace it.

I’ve known a few space holders in my life: relationships that were going no where, jobs where I wasn’t happy, friends who I had outgrown. I had stuck in with some of these space holders way too long. I didn’t think it was hurting anyone to keep them around until what I really wanted fell at my feet. (Ha! Was I wrong.)

Guess what? My dream job, soul mate, and true friendships didn’t manifest until I created the space for them.

But, not so fast there, Hoover. Before you go creating a nice spatial void and clear out your negative friends, users, boozers, losers, and some genuine sweethearts whom you’re just not that into—take a look at yourself and the quality of your own viral energy. If you don’t improve your energy quality, you will only suck in fresh new space holders. More of the same created from your own energy (“born from the survivors”—to put it in feral cat terms).

Ever go to a good restaurant or coffee shop and notice how fast an empty seat is filled? Just about as soon as a chair is vacated, it is occupied again. But what about a restaurant with a bad reputation, poor quality food, and sloppy service? Not so in demand, right?

In this analogy, the restaurant or coffee shop is your energy presence—which is a product of what you chronically and typically ‘marinate in’ such as the energetic influence of the people that you surround yourself with most, and your environment including the battery of influences from television, news, your work culture, and all that is around you.

So therefore, if your coffee shop feels good and elevates others with a great product and service, your seats will be occupied, your cash register full, and vacancies will be immediately filled. On the other hand, if your restaurant consistently allows shabby products, lackluster service, and is sweeping crap under the rug, it will be empty of visitors, cash flow, and quality.

Can’t read between the lines? Okay here it is plainly: If you are experiencing repeated low quality romantic partners, uninspiring work opportunities, and friends who consistently take rather than fill you up, then you need to look at the sum total of what and who you surround yourself with and what you give off energetically. You need to audit your viral energy!

Ask yourself: Am I in a pattern and environment in which if I were to create a void today, would I get more of the same, or similar, to what I have now, which isn’t working? (Remember, a void will naturally be filled with what’s around it and accessible.)

Get your viral energy right by getting your environment and influences right. Know your worth. Make decisions and stand by them, follow through. Use the vacuum effect phenomenon to create a void-fill that enriches your life with what you really want.

Vacuum Effect

The Vacuum Effect: A void will naturally be filled with what’s around it and accessible.