Do It Now! Time Waits For No One

Laura was a serial dater. She had several long relationships, got close to marriage more than once, and would screw it up before she had to make a life-long decision. She didn’t know it, but she liked it that way. Getting wrapped up in romance, drama, and wound-licking was easy, much easier than making a grown-up decision and following through. (And while no one said that you have to get married; Laura always said that it was what she wanted. Getting married was her primary personal goal!)

She worked the same pattern with her career. While she strived, stressed, manipulated, and pushed for success in her occupational goals, she never really became her dream. She spent her time on strategy and never truly connected with her pursuit. She never got that her idea of success was incongruent with who she was being. What she was choosing everyday, and with every decision, was at odds with what she wanted to be.

You see, you can’t fool Life. Life responds to the quality of your presence and the actions that you take to back up your heartfelt intentions.

Decide, then be. Chose, then do. That’s the key to M.O.V.E. The magic of viral energy (M.O.V.E.) is all about the true nature of energy, and how you can use it for a better and happier life.

Check it out. M.O.V.E. is in perfect balance with Newton’s first law of motion: An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Yet, here’s the rub: If your intentions are at odds with your actions, they cross each other out, and you go no where—You might be the unbalanced force!

For the life that you want, all of the dreaming, wishing, talking, wanting, visualizing, strategizing, waiting, plotting, toiling, and commiserating won’t make it happen, unless you take action in alignment with your sincere passion and purpose, and become what you want to be.

Do you see yourself as a writer, yet you don’t tend to spend your time writing unless you are getting paid for it or it will benefit you by way of being recognized? Do you want to be in a domestic partnership, though you don’t currently have a lifestyle which fits that image? Do you want more, yet you consistently settle for—and even ask for—less? Do you say that you would rather be or live elsewhere, and you do nothing to make a move? Do you complain about your significant other, while you are stuck in the same negative issues with them? Do you want excitement and adventure, but you won’t jump?

What are you waiting for?

Are you biding your time for the ideal circumstances; more momentum; a perfectly crafted product, service, or talent; an invitation to launch; a better person or choice to come along; the decision to be made for you?

Look, you know that you have to do it—you know that if you don’t do it, you will regret it. Time is a tickin’ and it’s not waiting for you; tomorrow is a luxury, not a guarantee. Do it, now.