Why Nature Is The Gold Standard

Now that you know about viral energy—both the magical and wonderful effects, plus what you don’t want seeping into your life, you might want to find ways to balance your energy so that you are living at the same energy stratum or ‘altitude’ as all of the good stuff that you want!

Nature doesn’t have free choice as people do; it’s under perfect order, and so nature is the gold standard of good energy vibes!

The energy of nature is in harmony with the whole of Life.

Natural systems—such as forests, mountains, and oceans—will balance energy perfectly, they are in line with natural order. When left in peace, they can’t be anything but in natural order.

And so, nature resides and moves and lives at homeostasis with Life.

How does this help you?

Without blocking the way, harmony and balance are guaranteed. You only need to be purposeful about what you are marinating in. Be deliberate about the quality of your own creation energy. Be mindful about who you spend time with, notice their energy quality and intentions, and be aware of the total environment around you.

Are you mindful about the quality of your creation energy ?

When it comes to viral energy, ‘your environment’ is everything that’s around you most of the time: What stress do you subject yourself to from your lifestyle, bad choices, or even from too much negative news? Is your home chaotic with clutter or noise? Are you stagnate in a relationship, friendship, or your job?

Viral energy is at play whether it’s the good stuff or the bad stuff. So, actively bring more of the good stuff into your life and filter the rest!

What can you do?

Immerse yourself in surroundings that are rich in healthy energy and healthy presence. Spent some time in nature and experience for yourself why nature is the gold standard!

Nature will help you to balance your energy, without even trying.


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