Ground Yourself With The Earth

How you ground your feet is an epic signal regarding what you like, who you trust, and where your attention goes (energy flows! Sure a bit cliche for those who’ve been around the personal development block, but still a fact.)

Did you know that when you’re gathered in a group, and a new person enters the group, you can tell who is open to whom by the direction that their feet are pointed? It’s true. While your upper body might turn to welcome or include someone in conversation, your feet will only turn towards them if you are genuinely open to that person at that time. Now that you know this, when you walk into a room you can check if others are putting their best foot forward!

However, forward or sideways footies is just an example to note the significance of your grounding (closed / open / stable) to your interactions with others, your experiences, perceptions, and connection to the life all around you. The takeaway is, be conscious of how you are grounded.

So, what can you do to ground yourself with the natural stability and authenticity of the earth?

The magic of viral energy works nicely with the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water (Aristotle added a fifth element—aether: the upper regions of air beyond the clouds—but let’s focus on the four that we have easy access to). These elements each have properties, that you can tap into, that give you energetic advantages. Here’s an example of the benefits of: Earth.

Brenda had a difficult time making decisions and was feeling insecure in her life. She had a beautiful light to her spirit and she wanted to share it with the world. Yet, her perspective was skewed—she thought that her point of attraction was her outwardly bubbly personality, when it was really the quality of her inner light that determined the quality of who and what she attracted.

She thought that potential suitors were attracted to a combination of her looks and her kind heart, yet she didn’t understand that her inner turmoil was not hidden from anyone. She believed that her value lied in her persona (her image, what others thought of her, what she did for a living, who she dated), when it was really her energetic presence that needed to be treasured and tuned.

Her energy was sometimes off-putting and she didn’t know it, she couldn’t see it. Her light had been muddied by the negative viral energy that she had allowed to seep into her environment over several years. She had been emotionally beat down from chronic loss, rejection, unfulfillment and disappointments, and so she was attracting at a low and stagnant level. Many of the new people in her life were not living their lives in alignment with what Brenda said that she wanted for her own life.

It’s hard to recognize your own ‘stuff’, after all you can’t see viral energy!

Brenda didn’t see a connection between her environment and what was showing up in her own experiences, and how both were affecting her happiness. She had lost track of her true identity, she had believed that the quality of her creation energy affected her alone, in some compartmentalized way, when in reality it affected everything that she was experiencing. From finding healthy love that would last, to having peace and prosperity manifest in abundance, it all hinged on the quality of her internal temperate—her creation energy.

She knew something wasn’t working. She had sought counseling, advice from lifelong friends, and had read a number of self-help books, but it wasn’t until she discovered gardening that her internal evolution happened.

She started spending time with her hands and feet in the earth and soon her energy became steady and her perspective magically cleared.

With a clear head, she made better choices and was more decisive. She became confident in her true value and she felt her bright light return.

You’re not on your own in this; there’s an omni-presence (in perfect balance) available to you, and She has many forms.

It’s elevating, and essential, to have positive support in your life, to draw from and to nurture you. And yet, what you need the most, right now, might just come from the queen bee herself—Mother Nature.

It could be gardening that heals you, daily walks in your neighborhood, regular hiking trips, or a practice of holding a handful of soil or stones while meditating. (If you live off the ground in an apartment building, be sure to balance your time on the ground.) Whatever works for you, whatever feels good, do that!

Utilizing the earth to bring balance and stability in your life is about more than tending to your household plants (though this is a lovely start), and it’s about more than taking a walk once a week when you can fit it in. It’s about immersion, committing to steady and direct contact with earth by getting your feet and hands at ground level.

Get your hands in soil, kneel down in it, walk with your bare feet on a warm sandy beach, breath in the smell of dirt on freshly pulled carrots or beets, ground yourself with the element of earth and open up to new opportunities and experiences.