The Secret For Excitement Is In The Wind

Do you go through the motions of taking care of your daily tasks, yet you’re not feeling fulfilled? Sometimes you can feel melancholy from being in a state of boredom for too long. (And by the way, you can be bored and quite busy at the very same time.)

Fulfillment comes with following and actualizing your life’s true purpose, and honoring the agreement that you made with Life before you entered this world. Simply put, fulfillment is synonymous with the meaning of life! It’s a big deal.

If you don’t know where to start, no worries. All you need to do to get turned in the right direction is get on the same level with what you want: raise your vibrational energy!

Small steps can help you to get out of a boredom rut, and enroute to purpose (and ultimately to fulfillment).

What can you do today for more happiness and excitement?

Nature has four gifts to maximize your good energy: earth, wind, fire, and water. Of these four, wind holds the secret for excitement. And excitement is the antidote to boredom!

Wind is uplifting, it gives energy, and it (literally) excites and motivates.

Feel the wind on your face and in your hair. Just try it! What do you have to loose?

Go for a ride—bike, horseback, motorcycle, visit a fair or carnival or theme park. Take a long drive with the top or windows down. Skydive, sail, paraglide, parasail, ski, run, skate. On a windy day, sit on a dock or a cliff ledge or at the top of a hill and feel goosebumps of excitement! Do it on your own, with a friend or your significant other.

Make it a regular activity to feel the natural element of wind. You will begin to pull yourself up and out of boredom—and into the flow of all that you truly desire!

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