To Get More Passion, Feed The Flames (Literally)

When you’re getting ready to share a romantic evening with someone special, you often light candles or get the fireplace going. Somehow you know innately that fire helps to spark up the intensity of energy, but have you ever wondered why?

Simply put, the element of fire can generate passion and ignite inspiration and motivation.

So, other than romance, what else can you use this element for?

Passion is synonymous with love, yet it’s also a descriptor for heightened inspiration and energy around your mission, purpose, or an ultra exciting project at hand. When we say that someone is “on fire”, we mean that they’re motivated, excited, purpose-filled.

Do you want to bolster passion?

Sometimes I just feel blah or I have a hard time getting going on a project. There’s often no reason for it, it’s not depression; it could be due to a lack of passion, it could be a product of overwhelment.

In the same way that you use fire to build romance, you can utilize the element of fire for inspiration and to bolster your passion for your work—and your life in general.

The late, great Steve Irwin, TV’s ‘The Crocodile Hunter‘, was passion personified, and more in tune with nature, and the nature of nature, than most of us. He knew (both instinctively and through his experience) what to do when he needed inspiration.

When Steve was a few years married to his wife, Terri, and busy on his mission to educate others about wildlife, Steve felt a burden to put a plan in motion to ensure that his life’s work lived on long after him. He would have had no idea at the time that his life would be cut short at just 44 years old, and at the height of his career and worldwide popularity.

In her 2007 book, Steve & Me, Terri Irwin tells the story—and I’ll paraphrase—about the day that Steve built a giant bonfire in their yard, for the sole purpose to bring himself inspiration and spark passion about a real quandary in his life.

He had some figuring out to do, so Steve made a fantastic, great fire and sat in front of it for hours; he knew about the passion sparking power of fire. He simply sat, staring into his grand and powerful fire, and waited for the inspiration to come to him. And after awhile, it did.

From some magical place, Steve Irwin had a giant spark of inspiration!

He ran into the house and declared to Terri that what they needed to do was to have children who could carry on the family mission, and they needed to start now!

Steve Irwin’s big inspiration intuited over the fire was about passion.

When you need inspiration and passion, find ways to utilize the element of fire. If you’re working at a desk, light a candle and place it in the corner. ‘Turn on’ the fireplace. If you have a backyard or nearby campground, go build a nice bonfire, and meditate on it. You don’t have to do, just be. The more beautiful and big the fire, the more beautiful and big the magic.

Fire sparks passion in all forms. Try it for yourself and ignite something passionate and truly inspirational!


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