Water In Motion: The Brainstorming Supertool

You’re trying to figure out your life: where you go from here, how can you get paid to do what you love, how can you get paid more, what’s your next step, who are you meant to be with, when will it all happen?

You’re writing action lists, searching the Internet, making contacts and putting yourself out there; those are all necessary efforts. And yet, have you ever considered tapping into nature’s special gifts for manifesting the life that you want?

Think out of the box…by not thinking at all.

When you need to generate new ideas and supercharge your creative thought-power, try utilizing the element of water. Water conducts inspired thought. The operative word is conducts. Water is a conductor—a travel highway—for Life’s creative force. Think about that!

And check this out, water in motion is the brainstorming supertool!

Do you ever notice how you get good ideas, rapidly, when you’re in the shower? I do.

When I really need to get the ideas moving, I take a pen and some paper with me when showering; I set them on the counter so I can jump out and write down my inspired thoughts in a hurry. Ideas can come fast and big when you’re in the shower!

Individuals and teammates at task in corporate boardrooms and marketing rooms are more effective and more creative when the space is enriched with a fountain or a moving-water feature of some sort.

It works the same when you spend time near a babbling brook, or a waterfall, or when walking in the rain. In fact, the magic works even better when you’re utilizing an element of nature, while actually in nature!

So, for new ideas to really flow, get around water in motion!



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