Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner! Don’t Hide; Share Yourself With The World

I used to be Baby in the corner. I always knew that I had a deeper purpose to live out; more than checking into an office cubicle daily, more than going through the motions. Yes, even when my life was a total mess and I slept on a stranger’s cold basement floor. Yes, even when my parents’ neighbor told me, “You’ve got to get normal,” the day that she had joined in to help me move apartments, after I had had my car repossessed, during a period when I had a violent boyfriend, before I finally did get normal, and way before I realized that normal is overrated and limiting. Yes, even back then when I was in turmoil and in hiding (figuratively and literally)—I knew that I had something special in me to contribute to the world. Yet, discovering exactly what it was that I had to share with the world took some time. So I started with baby steps, or Baby’s steps.

If you’re not sure, yet, what your purpose is, your agreement with Life—consider this: Just show love. Smile, acknowledge others, say hello to people everywhere you go. Give yourself to the world, even if that’s just with a friendly and sincere acknowledgment to another. When you meet each person throughout your day—the waitress at the diner, a stranger passing on the street, the cashier at the store, the next person in line—make eye contact and notice the color of their eyes. This will have you keep eye contact for a fraction of a second longer, and it goes a long way in giving validation to others. Your energetic presence is impacted by how you treat people who can do absolutely nothing for you. When you’re going through a particularly hard time or bad day, that’s exactly when you should shift your care and attention away from yourself and to the benefit of others. Try it; you’ll be amazed at how your own problems melt away when you go out of your way to enlighten others. Consistently and genuinely be happy and excited to see other people. They will soon react the same to you.

Not long ago I had a moment when I slipped back into being Baby. There was an event in which my work was being showcased and I found it hard to mingle and allow others to compliment me, it felt braggadocios. I thought it best that people be free to mingle without me being a mouthpiece to push my product, so I stayed in a corner of the space and spent the evening talking to only a few people with whom I felt very comfortable and familiar.

The next morning I immediately felt the guilt of having wasted an opportunity. It was like a regret-hangover. I started receiving text messages and emails from some of the attendees saying, “The event was nice, but sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk with you.” Then I realized, they weren’t there for my product, they were there for my presence. They actually just wanted to talk with me and be in that moment of light together. My worth to others isn’t what I have produced or achieved; my worth to others is my presence.

You probably know someone, right now, who is being Baby in the corner. Some people tend to not finish their sentences. They are usually people (of any age) who have resigned themselves that others don’t truly want to hear what they have to say, or they have become used to being cut off while speaking, or they are somewhat timid to say what they really feel because they often get overpowered in social settings. They might say, “I know it’s late notice, but…” or “I was thinking you might like to, well…” Rather than finish their sentences for them or ignore that they spoke at all, try instead maintaining eye contact and wait for them to finish. Practice patience, smile with your eyes, let your presence be warm, and give others your time. You will find that your friend or co-worker will respond well to you when you respect their voice. Just by giving others moments of sincerity, love will be mirrored back, your energetic presence will rise up, and your own creation energy will enlighten. And while you do it only in hopes of brightening someone else’s day, it’s a straightforward, uncomplicated and elementary way for you, yourself, to get up to a higher level of light energy, the place where your purpose lives!

Get outside of yourself. Be mindful to look others in the eye, smile, show love, and give genuine moments. Share yourself with others and with the world. You are your worth and your presence is contagious.