The ‘Newbie In Nashville’ Phenomenon

Waiting on something that you want is exhausting. It’s energy sucking. Waiting, by nature, cancels out expectation, and expectation is a magical ingredient for creation.

Nashville is a city that attracts the best-of-the-best of vocalists and musicians from all over the country, and the globe. Hopeful songbirds and starlets mecca to Music City USA because they know it’s the get-discovered capital for their industry. When the newbies first arrive they: cross paths with movers and shakers; magically get invited to an A-list party at the home of a record producer or so-and-so’s manager; are introduced to several somebodies; land a meeting at a label on Music Row; network and business card collect their newbie tails off. Energy is flowing, connections are fast and loose, and success feels eminent!

Until, someone who has been scratching and striving in town for 10 years, annoyed and intimidated by the newbie, tells them, “Kid, Nashville is a 10 year town. Everybody knows that. You have to earn your way; it’s not going to come fast or easy. After 10 years this town might give you a shot, get in line.”

Then, the newbie notices that the bright light dims, the special invites dry up, and the momentum slows. They decide to get in line, play the game by the rules, join songwriter rounds every Thursday night, gig for tips every Friday through Sunday, co-write with anyone who asks, wait tables during the days and some nights, and wait for the magic to come in 10 years.

When expectation is removed it is replaced by toiling and waiting, and wanting and waiting, and struggling and waiting. Then one day, the newbie isn’t a newbie any longer. They are now a scratcher and striver telling some naive newbie, “Kid, this is a 10 year town. I used to have that spark in my eye too, everything was happening for me, until someone gave me the lowdown and told me it would take 10 years.”

Doesn’t it make you wonder, what could you do if you didn’t allow other people’s fears and insecurities to affect you? What if you moved through life with the advantage of utilizing the transferrable nature of energy, both the lowdown and the high and light. The magic of viral energy is that you have a permeable energy field, in fact everything does, and in addition to attracting like-energy, you also marinate in various levels or ‘strata’ of energy through your environment and the people and stimuli around you—this in turn sets your energetic presence.

You know that confidence is attractive; it’s also catchy. Deploy positive viral energy for everything from business meetings to dating. The next time that you’re going into an important meeting, first visualize that your client has already bought your product, or the investor has already invested in your idea, or your counterpart has already offered you the deal that you were looking for, or your new company has already hired you for the position. Go in believing that your meeting with them today is just to finalize the details. With that in mind, be confident and they will be confident too. It’s catchy.

No thing and nothing is more important than your energetic presence. It is what draws to you all possibilities. It is what puts you in the path of magic. It is the fuel for all that you create. You are here to create not to wait. Toiling is not creating. Tempering your enthusiasm or the enthusiasm of others is not creating.

The newbie in Nashville phenomenon is not exclusive to newbies or Nashville. It’s about the power that you have to create when your spirit is filled with expectation. Protect and nurture your energetic presence and then go make it happen! Nobody controls your happiness. No thing that you can achieve or obtain will signify your worthiness or that you’ve ‘made it’. To make it you literally have to create it. Be your purpose, don’t wait and worry, create your purpose: it is uniquely yours, and it is Life’s promise to you. Skip above doubt and don’t seek to compete with others. Buddhist monk, Zen Shin said, “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

Arrive like a child again. Throw off your fears. Be new. Live and be and move in the energy of love and passion and enthusiasm.