Looking For Inspiration? Hint: Creativity Creates Creativity

An illuminati, a wise and enlightened person, once told me that creativity in any one area is amplified by another creative activity. Like, if you’re a songwriter with writer’s block, take cooking lessons. If you’re in advertising or marketing and want to develop more creativity, take up woodworking. If you’re an author and you need inspiration, also channel beautiful works of art through painting. If you’re a manager in need of greater idea generation, try photography as a hobby or learn a new language just for fun.

These creative activities don’t have anything to do with each other, other than that creativity creates creativity!

To put names to this handy curiosity, here are some famous creative people in various fields, who are also noted visual artists: singers Tony Bennett, Joni Mitchell, and Paul McCartney, and actors Johnny Depp, Jane Seymour, and Sylvester Stallone.

Many athletes know about this—the two-sport talent. Deion Sanders played professional baseball and football, simultaneously. He played in Game 4 of the 1992 National League Championship Series on a Saturday night, then flew to Florida to join his Atlanta Falcons for a game the next day, on Sunday afternoon. Here’s another one. What about the three-sport talent? Before he was perhaps the best running back in NFL history, Jim Brown played—very successfully—lacrosse for Syracuse while also playing both football and basketball in college.

Can creativity create creativity even when shared between two different people, and across oceans? Yes, and this story is going viral after these two people connected “across the pond” through social media, brought together by their shared goal to turn negativity into positivity through their arts. An award winning abstract artist from Bristol, England, James SB Richardson, connected with Country singer-songwriter Anastasia Richardson from Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a dual-creative collaboration to bring awareness to mental health and the bullying epidemic. And while they are not related, perhaps their shared last name helped them to find each other. They are two unique people, from different countries, using separate art forms, and still each of their creative endeavors amplifies and magnetizes the other’s efforts and creativity.

So, what happened after the sage illuminati tipped me off to the inspiration superfood, ‘Multi-Create‘? I soon stumbled upon painting, and my writing flowed like never before. Seriously. I’d take a break from writing and paint a little. Then, I’d take a break from painting and write some more. Even now, I still move from writing to painting and painting to cooking and back to writing. It works for me. It gives me variety, but it’s more than that, the natural momentum charging one creative to the next seems, well, supernatural.

The creative activities do not have skills that transcend one another; could it be that creative energy itself is transferable? According to the Magic of Viral Energy—absolutely!

The next time you’re digging for inspiration and creativity, try not trying, and go try something new.