If You Build Your Momentum, They Will Come: Expansion Creates Expansion

Sometimes you live ‘small’ (I do it too, we all do) because you’re worried that there won’t be enough. You say: I can’t follow my purpose right now because I have to work for a living; We can’t afford to get married, not until we have our careers rolling; I don’t want to waste my fertile years, but I can’t manage having a baby now; I don’t have time to learn new things or read for leisure; I don’t have time to get healthy, exercise and cook homemade meals; I don’t have time to date (or share myself with others); We can barely afford the child(ren) that we have, we can’t afford more; I don’t have time to enjoy life, I’m busy striving; We will take that trip when we have more time (or money); I will give back and donate to that cause when I have more for myself; I can’t stop and smell the roses, I have to get things done, so that one day I can stop and smell the damn roses!

Here’s a M.O.V.E. principle that absolutely fascinates me. It will shake up everything that you thought you knew about how time and money work (and all resources for the matter): Expansion creates expansion!

How do you think our parents did it? They didn’t wait until they had the money to get married, or have children—they just did it, and somehow more resources came and they got by.

The Magic of Viral Energy can’t promise you abundance—that’s up to what you do with the knowledge, and therefore how you manage the quality of your creation energy (a.k.a. your energetic presence)—however, the M.O.V.E. can promise you this: As you expand, you automatically create the energy to meet your expansion. Even expansion energy is viral!

I’ll say it again: As you expand, you expand.

You see, creation energy is limitless, but you’re not going to get more without choosing and taking action and using what you’ve been given. However, choosing and taking action often require short-term trades and sacrifices. For example, as your parents expanded their family, they likely worked more or harder or smarter in order to bring in more money. Or they chose an affordable home over a fancy one.

When you want something that you are not being, Life has no thing to respond to. Life doesn’t respond to wanting, whining, complaining, wishing; Life responds to the actions that you take to fulfill your true and inspired dreams. Life says, “Oh, Darling, I can see that you need more of that resource. Here you go.”

Saving or hoarding your resources shrink and minimize them. They dry up further because they’re not being used. Life says, “Hey, if you’re not going to use that, I Am just going to redistribute it to where it can be used.”

Expend the time, and you will magically have more time. Use the money, and more money will replace it, and then some. Share yourself, and you will become more. Do it, and by doing it, you put yourself in the same energy as the magic. You make the magic! Life says, “My Precious One, I can see how you utilize the air in your lungs, your health, your mind, your voice, your money, and your time, for your good and the good of others—here is more.”

Eight years ago, a colleague of mine, Adam—a proud and diehard bachelor—confided to me that he had been exclusively dating a woman named Robin for eight months. he said that he was falling in love with her, they were very compatible, but he still resisted the idea of choosing just one woman to permanently commit to. He expressed a concern that a wife would be a dependent, both financially and emotionally, and he didn’t think that was something that was in his best interest. He was 26, and while he had a steady job, he didn’t really have a career yet. Adam described Robin as “very smart, fun, outgoing and easy to be around.” Yet she, too, did not have any sort of wealth, and he was afraid that a wife would suck away his own resources.

It’s funny how life sometimes gives you a little push. Four months after our initial conversation, Adam told me that Robin was pregnant and he had decided that he deeply loved her and truly wanted a life with her. And so, while he was nervous about how they would manage financially, he had asked her to marry him.

Today, Adam and Robin have four children, two homes, and enjoy working together in their thriving business. Robin brought to the marriage: an outstanding business idea, leadership in executing the strategy, and her go-getter and fun to be around personality. Not to mention her part in bringing four children into the world! Yet, everything that they have done, accomplished and created, they did together—and it all has manifested because they took a chance on love and expanded their world.

In my research over the years on the subject of viral energy, I spoke with the ‘quantum physicist of quantum physicists’—Dr. Quantum himself, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, the genius professor, bestselling author, and world-famous cast member of the wildly popular films The Secret and What The Bleep Do We Know!?. (If you’ve seen these movies, you’re sure to remember Dr. Wolf. He sort of looks like Albert Einstein, complete with Yoda-esk white hair.)


Dr. Wolf told me this, “We all are born and we die. I believe that aside from the Law Of Attraction each of us has a purpose on the planet, and that the event of your birth is not an accident, and that your death is not the end of the road. Finding your purpose in life may take years or decades, but you will eventually find it and act according to that purpose or frustrate yourself by doing what you really don’t wish to do. The really big secret is not the Law Of Attraction; it is the action that people who realize their purpose take in their lives. In every case where I have met successful people, I tend to find the happiest people are those who do what they enjoy doing. The richest people are those who do what benefits others. To be rich and happy do what you enjoy doing for the benefit of others and you can’t fail to be rich and happy. It is absolutely guaranteed, provided you take right action.”

Today, start getting excited about your life and your purpose, more than you ever have before! Build your momentum and they will come. Act on your wants and dreams; be prepared to trade resources in the short-term; be glad that you did it, and move on; be what it is that you want. Your expansion will create more expansion. It is absolutely guaranteed.