Claim Your Birthright!

When a circus trainer breaks an elephant to, well—not be an elephant any longer, they first restrain the elephant’s mighty power by binding their legs with thick and heavy chains attached to formidable metal pegs, driven several feet deep into the ground. The elephant is striped of its free will and no matter how they struggle, they are bound on the chain.

After trying and failing to get off the chain, the elephant starts to doubt that there is any point to the struggle. The trainer is far less powerful than the elephant, and yet is effectively stealing power, majesty and delight from the creature. Soon, the trainer is able to use a lighter form of bondage; a rope holds the elephant. In reality, it is only the elephant’s own doubt by which it is restrained.

Eventually, the elephant’s power is under control by only an ankle string. It’s bondage is an illusion and yet the elephant fully believes that it is separate from its power and greatness, and indeed—its birthright.

We are the elephant in this analogy. Our foundational transgression against Life is the illusion of powerlessness. And yet, it is so profoundly taboo to say what I am about to. It’s a radical idea for so many of us, raised in the era of shame-worship, cultivated under the great con. Here it is…

The real and intended meaning of ‘original sin’ is our belief that we are not God. This is our original misdeed or misunderstanding. Our belief that we are not Life itself causes us to be indifferent, in denial, and to distance ourselves from right action.

The truth is, you are synonymous with the whole of Life. You are the Creator—made of the very same stuff, in the same Light image, and the same likeness of energy. But there is a difference between you and all of Life. Just one (or oneness): it’s the illusion that you are under of separateness. Re-member with the whole and get your mighty back. A cup of ocean is ocean, still. And it is still ocean.

You, my dear, were born to move and create. You are a powerful creator.

It’s time that we pull the curtain of illusion between wanting and awareness. I mean that quite specifically, it is the time in our evolution that the illusion begins to dissipate. The knowledge of the magic of viral energy is part of that; it’s ancient and yet audacious.

You are, in this very moment, on the leading edge of creation. Everything and everyone that has come before you have brought you to this point. All of creation is happening in this moment in time and space. The past was magnificent, but it no longer creates. The future is exciting, but it also doesn’t create. Creation happens now. You have the power.

To bring in the idea of the present moment and combine it with the creative nature of Life, this eternal moment is ‘The Burn Line.’

If you can do so safety, do this exercise so that you can see it, smell it, know it with all of your senses, and remember it always. Or just imagine it. Take a blank sheet of paper. Get a match and use it to light on fire the width of the page. Watch it burn. The already burnt area is your past; naturally the blank space is your future. You are the burn line—the only moment that creates.

The Burn Line

When I call my cousin, Janine, to share something really awesome that just happened for me, I say, “You’re never going to believe what just happened. (Remember that animal rights task force that I’m on? Well, I just found out that I get to spend three days alongside my lifelong hero, Dr. Jane Goodall, as her personal host!)” stuff like that, and she always says, “Of course I believe it, because incredible things always happen for you!” I love calling her for these moments because she gets so excited for me; I can count on her to give an over-the-top positive response in true dramatic fashion. It usually goes something like this, “UN. FRICKIN’. BELIEVABLE. Shut up! Of course this happened to you! Bitch. I’m so happy for you. Can I tell everyone?”

Sometimes I am not particularly positive and my presence isn’t always as enlightened as I would like. Gosh, especially when I was younger, yet periodically great things still happened—a blip to my attitude or circumstances you might say. And today, even when I am stressed or sad or not the positive person that anyone would expect good things to suddenly happen for, miraculously great stuff does happen out of seemingly nowhere. Why? Because fulfilling my purpose is my birthright (not necessarily my current vibration, as the law of attraction theory says). Even despite me, my Agreement With Life is in play. Life is upholding its promise to me, nudging me towards my purpose and bringing me the signs, people, resources, and opportunities, and sometimes the gumption, courage, stiff upper lip, and magic to journey towards fulfilling my end of my breathtaking agreement.

I’m here to tell you that your magic is in play even when you’re not vibing with positivity and pure joy. But how? Your energetic presence is the creation-point of all that is yours and coming your way. And, thank Life, your presence is not just your current vibration!

Your presence is set by these three factors:

  1. Your agreement that you made with Life, a.k.a. the reason that you choose this incarnation, a.k.a. what you came here to be;
  2. Your current energy vibe, circumstances and attitude;
  3. The viral energy (light or low) in your environment and of the people you spend time with most.

To manifest your dreams all you need to do is clear the illusion that separates you from Life. Clear the low and heavy viral energy, the smog between you and the sun; She’s always there. And remember to watch your viral energy because all of Life is connected; we share a body of creation energy. It’s good news, but it’s not new—ancient civilizations formed religions around the interconnectedness of all. Later, Jesus Chris tried to tell us about the true nature of the Oneness. Illuminati throughout time know it for themselves and they have spread the message simply by sharing their Light presence. To be Creator is your birthright. Claim it. Claim everything about it. Don’t play small any longer.

The concept of the circus is now becoming known to be cruel and archaic, but what it really represents is a stage in humanity when we were less evolved, unknowing. Our collective consciousness will rise to a level that we have no desire to harm another being for our gain. As we evolve in our understanding, imprisonment of criminals will one day be unnecessary.Factory farming, while a modern invention, will soon be known as cruel and archaic. And while hard to imagine, even war and discord between people will not serve a purpose in our education. There’s so much that we will learn and create anew.

So, who’s the ringleader in the elephant-and-the-trainer analogy? Who’s pulling your chain?

Why, my dear, that too is you. The splintered part of you that became separated through the human incarnation. The unconscious one in you. The one called “the ego” as mentioned in the manual, A Course In Miracles, which was not authored by any one, but was published by Foundation For Inner Peace; and expanded on by author and spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle in A New Earth who brought the term to a new audience, ready to hear it.

You are ready for it. It’s time for you to jolt wide awake. You are both your trainer and liberator. Evolving from one to the whole is the ultimate goal. When you remove the curtain of illusion, you re-member that you are not a creature on a string; you are creator. You are here to create and to further the spiritual evolution of humanity here on Earth: the realm where viral energy is at play and at your will.

Get your presence right, transcend the illusion, and you will claim your birthright. Welcome to the burn line.