Deflector Shields Up! You Have A Permeable Energy Field

Matt is one of the most positive and pleasant people that you could ever meet. He’s not a person who often let’s others get under his skin; negativity doesn’t tend to permeate his being. Let’s just say, he’s one of those rare enlightened individuals. But…that doesn’t mean he’s not a little ‘sticky.’

One evening, Matt attended a homeowners’ association meeting in the community where he and his wife, Jennifer, lived. Jennifer didn’t join; she stayed home, lit a candle, and worked on one of her favorite projects. The meeting was charged with disgruntled neighbors, airing grievances and mixing bickering with gossip. An hour or so later Matt came home, unscathed and unaffected in his typical water-off-a-ducks-back manner.

Within minutes of Matt walking through the door, his wife’s tranquil environment was disrupted by a thick, negative energy filling the space like a silent intruder. Matt’s mood had been good, cheerful even. Jennifer’s mood had been good too, until it suddenly tanked into frustration and agitation.

Could it be that all of the negative energy from the HOA meeting, while not taken on by Matt, clung to him and went viral? Could it be that while Matt was immune to the viral energy, his wife, Jennifer, was not? Absolutely!

It’s the magic of viral energy (M.O.V.E. for short) and it’s an awakening in our culture today to the phenomenon that energy transfer is possible because energy itself is permeable, allowing flow and exchange.

You have a permeable energy field that allows energy to pass through, and sometimes stick and linger. Basically, you are holy, so be deliberate about what you’re allowing in, and be mindful to ‘shake off’ any negative or frantic viral energy that you’ve picked up before continuing with your day. (That is, if you want your day to go well.) Even if you don’t let the negative energy of others or your environment bring you down, it is possible that while you’re not affected (and ‘infected’), you can be a carrier of bad viral energy.

Both good and bad energy are at large in the world. They permeate your space, your personal power, and they even float around waiting to latch on to a human host. Yeah, I know—it sounds rather Sci-Fi, but it’s a real and natural phenomenon. And frankly, it’s high time that we see the world with M.O.V.E. clarity.